Snowmobile Experience

Activity facts

Duration: 2 hours Suitable for: Everyone Included: One snowmobile for two persons. Gather at: Meeting Point
Try driving a snowmobile through the beautiful Arctic Taiga. This is a shorter tour for you who just want to experience the thrill of driving a snowmobile.
This shorter tour is perfect for those of you who just want to get a taste of what it’s like, while getting close to nature. You follow your guide across the frozen Torne River and through the untouched woodlands. During the tour, you make short stops for snapping pictures and enjoying the sights of the Arctic taiga before driving back to Icehotel.


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Your clothing is the most important part in order to be able to enjoy your activity to the fullest. We strongly advise you not to underestimate the cold in the Arctic during the winter months, and to carefully follow our recommendations regarding clothing and equipment. Visit Riverside Lobby to get equipt.
A shared snowmobile for two. Warm winter overall- and boots, balaclava and gloves.
Required to bring
Dress warm underneath, preferably in thermal clothing, a warm middle layer and hat.
A great opportunity to bring a camera in case we spot the northern lights or to take a selfie on the snowmobile.

Keep in mind

Please note that this activity is held late at night and it can be very cold during the period December – February. You need to be at least 18 years old and have a driver's license to drive a snowmobile; otherwise you are welcome along as a passenger.
Departure time
The activity always begins on scheduled time, gather at Meeting point at least 15 minutes earlier, equipt and ready. Please note that you as a guest are personally responsible to visit Riverside lobby well ahead of departure to get equipt if that is included in the activity. Read more about equipment offered for this particular activity in the section above.
Equipment image