Street art meets ice as Brazil’s hot rhythms travel to Arctic hotel

2013-12-10 Street art meets ice as Brazil’s hot rhythms travel to Arctic hotel

Two remarkable artists from Sweden and Brazil are combining their forces to create a unique and inspirational piece of ice art in the reception of ICEHOTEL. Swedish Arne Bergh, creative director of the world famous ephemeral hotel will collaborate with South America’s most prominent street artist, Speto. Their work will start on 8 December and will carry on for two weeks. Speto’s work in ICEHOTEL will be the first ever created by a Brazilian artist and will celebrate the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour stop in Sweden.

The design, “Todo Mundo” – Portugese for “the whole world”, is yet to be revealed. The  creators behind it say that the main inspiration for its’ theme draws from art and football both being meeting forums where people from different backgrounds and cultures can come together and share an experience.

Bergh says: “Jukkasjärvi, the name of the village where ICEHOTEL is located, actually means “meeting place” and to us that what our hotel is about. Artists from all over the world meet here to create the hotel and then visitors from all over the world come here to enjoy it. We see a great cross-over with the meeting between the Brazilian warmth and the cold climes of our corner of the world, not to mention football, as a sport that can be played and enjoyed by everyone”.

The idea of a collaboration came about as it was announced that the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy will be visiting Sweden as one of 90 countries in the run-up for the 2014 World Cup™ in Brazil. Speto is responsible for the design of the logo for the event.

Björn Lindblad of Coca-Cola is responsible for organizing the Trophy’s brief touch-down in Sweden between 28 February and 2 March 2014 says: “At Coca-Cola, we want to promote social and cultural exchange in a number of ways and both art and football are great means for that. In addition football has had the power – generation after generation – to inspire people to be more active and to share happiness by moving. This is why we are sponsoring 2014 FIFA World Cup™ and The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour™. We are so excited to see how the energy and passion of football, Speto’s unique style and ICEHOTEL’s innovative approach to art will be combined in an undoubtedly unique piece of art

Both ICEHOTEL and Speto share a habit of challenging the conventional idea of art. For nearly 25years, ICEHOTEL has developed a wide and constantly changing array of ephemeral art installations. Speto, on the other hand, has merged influences from music genres like 1980’s hip hop with modernist and surrealist painters, Chinese and Mexican folk art and pop art to create a truly unique expression in his art.

This collaboration will put to use both artists backgrounds as sculptors, as they have a mere five days to hand carve 47 meters of snow walls. This winter will see the twenty-fourth rendition of the hotel as some 100 hundred people gather to build it over the course of two months between October and December.

ICEHOTEL will be open between 6 December 2013 and 22 April 2014.

ICEHOTEL is the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow. To build it, 1000 tons of natural ice is used and it covers an area of 5500 m2.

The World Cup Trophy Tour™ is sponsored by Coca-Cola, the world’s most valuable beverage brand, and will be touring across 90 countries in 267 day in the run-up for the World Cup in Brazil 2014. The iconic FIFA World Cup™ Trophy on its longest journey to date which more than 92,000 miles long. The trophy is planned to make a brief visit to Sweden between 28 Feb and 2 Mar. The World Cup Trophy Tour™ was organized for the first time in 2006 and this will be the second visit to Sweden.