Sustainable ICEHOTEL all year round – this is how it works

For 28 years, ICEHOTEL has been created while Torne River freezes and melted come spring. Now a permanent part of Icehotel opens and will be open year-round thanks to solar panels. Yngve Bergqvist, the founder of Icehotel, is passionate about sustainability and tells us more about the project.

The 2,100 square meter construction is filled with ice and snow from Torne River. This permanent ice experience is a part of the classic Icehotel during the winter months. It accommodates 9 deluxe suites with private sauna and bathroom in each suite, 11 art suites, and ice bar and an ice gallery; all hard carved by carefully selected artists from around the globe. The building is designed exquisitely and the hotel’s iconic vaulted architecture is combined with traditional building methods, which makes the exterior harmonize with the surroundings.

The new building keeps a temperature around minus five degrees Celsius and the refrigerating plant that makes sure the permanent part of Icehotel keeps cool during the summer is powered by energy from solar panels. Jukkasjärvi is situated 200 km north above the Arctic Circle and in the course of the summer months, the sun is shining for the equivalent of 100 consecutive days. The solar panels harvest this almost constant daylight, which gives an energy surplus that is used for powering other buildings like restaurants, offices and warm rooms.

Why are you opening Icehotel year-round?

– Every year there are guests from around the world who ask if they can visit us in summer and autumn, so this is the result of that demand. Research shows that in the future our winters will be shorter so we wanted to create a product that is sustainable.

What are Icehotel’s environmental impacts?

– Icehotel will be cooled with help from the sun, as our solar panels will harvest the almost constant daylight over the summer months. The sun stays up from the middle of April until the middle of August and amid winter the need for cooling is minimal. 600 square meters of solar panels are placed on the ice storage’s roof and that facility will generate 130,000 kWh per year. It gives us an energy surplus, which we can use to power other buildings like restaurants, offices and warm rooms.

The indoor temperature will be -5 degrees Celsius, why?

– Our experience shows that -5 degrees Celsius are the most benign temperature to preserve the ice and snow sculptures and it is also a comfortable climate to reside in.

How is the year-round part of Icehotel constructed?

– The new building has like the classic Icehotel a vaulted architecture. The inner walls are made from ice blocks, but for the building to remain year-round, the exterior walls are made of concrete and covered with a mixture of ice and snow. In order for the indoor temperature to be -5 degrees Celsius, Icehotel has utilized the natural cold by drilling steel pipes into the permafrost, five meters below ground. The building is then thoroughly isolated so it won’t let the cold out or the heat in – essentially like a thermos.

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It never gets colder than -5 to -8 C

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