Technical Visits

ICEHOTEL Technical Visits offers educational visits for groups or individuals looking for an experience out of the ordinary. High technology, space technology, gemology and entrepreneurship: we give you an opportunity to experience an exciting look behind the scenes.

If it’s possible to build a hotel out of ice in a small village 200 kilometers north of the Arctic circle, striking the entire world with amazement, then anything is possible. ICEHOTEL has a history worth telling.

Technical Visits at ICEHOTEL offers a thorough knowledge in the following areas:

Entrepreneurship & Brand Management: The story of ICEHOTEL and ICEBAR from the view of an entrepreneur.

ICEHOTEL and the environment: How we became CO2 negative. A lecture on our environmental work and our future goals in this area.

We also collaborate with other companies in Lapland that have stories worth telling. More info below:

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Conferences and events

Institute of Space Physics

The Institute of Space Physics (Institutet för rymdfysik, IRF) is a governmental research institute whose primary task is to carry out basic research, education and observations in space physics, space technology and atmospheric physics.

Technical Visits at IRF include the following areas:

  • Aurora Borealis (Northern Light)
  • Atmospheric physics Arctic and Antarctic
  • Meteorites
  • Satellite instruments

Kristallen AB

Kristallen AB was started in 1982 by Agne and Barbro Söderström in the small village of Lannavaara in the municipality of Kiruna. The company has grown to such a degree over the past 20 years that it is an established center for foremost educations in metals and precious stones.

Kristallen offers thorough knowledge in this area:

Diamonds. The beauty of diamonds has captivated mankind since the beginning of time. But what exactly is a diamond made of? Where can they be found and how are they created? Get to know why they are so hard and how you can cut them. And the most important question of all – can you find one?

Spaceport Sweden

Space tourism in Kiruna has a great potential for development and is expected to become a global billion industry. Spaceport Sweden’s mission is to become one of the most important players in this part of the experience industry.

Spaceport Sweden was inaugurated in January 2007. Today there is a well-established collaboration with Spaceport America, which will be the home base of the company Virgin Galactic. Virgin alone expects to launch about 50,000 space tourists during the first ten years, starting with Spaceport America, followed by Spaceport Sweden.

The lecture begins with basic information about what space tourism really is. Thereafter, the group will be lead through the process of establishing Spaceport Sweden.