Visit to a World-Class Dogsled Kennel

Activity facts

Duration: 2 hours Suitable for: All dog lovers Gather at: Meeting Point
Visit a world-class dogsled kennel in Kauppinen, Swedish Lapland. Play with the puppies, ride along in a cart pulled by huskies and watch the 100+ dogs bask in the sun while the guide tells about working with sled dogs.
Summertime is resting time for the dogs at the kennel. After a long winter of fun work the huskies are basking under the midnight sun and welcoming new additions to the pack.

Play with the husky puppies and help them prepare for their career as friendly, cuddly and happy sled dogs. The guide tells about working with and training the dogs and shows the equipment used. Round off with a a short ride in a summer cart, pulled by the huskies and enjoy some coffee, tea and cookies before heading back to Icehotel.

Practical information about our tours


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Your clothing is the most important part in order to be able to enjoy your activity to the fullest. We strongly advise you to dress according to weather since most parts of the activity are held in a outdoor setting.

Who does not want to capture these adorable puppies on film? A great opportunity to bring a camera or your mobile phone.

Keep in mind

A minimum of two guests is required per tour in order for it to run.

Departure time
The activity always begins on scheduled time, gather at Meeting point at least 15 minutes earlier, equipt and ready.
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