Vuoján - Reindeer Sled Excursion

Activity facts

Duration: 5,5 hours Suitable for: Everyone with good physical health and mobility are required for the activity | The minimum age to drive your own reindeer sled is 16 years. Age limit: 6 Gather at: Meeting Point
Handle and drive your own reindeer and sled along an approximately 10 km long trail through the vast and gorgeous winter landscape of Sápmi. This is an amazing hands-on eco adventure for outdoor enthusiasts that look for a truly traditional Sámi activity.
The reindeer sledding guide from Nutti Sámi Siida takes you via a short minibus transfer from Icehotel to the Sautosjohka reindeer enclosures where you will meet todays travel company, the reindeer. The guide will offer detailed instruction on handling and driving the sleds before you are ready to embark on a trip of your lifetime. Each guest drive, standing on the edge of your own sleigh. Together we drive in column with the guide and its leader reindeer at the top, through the snow-covered forest landscape and over frozen marshes and rivers.

It is a pacey tour, with you being in full control of your own reindeer, but also relaxing so you can enjoy animals and nature along the way. After some time of active reindeer sled driving, we arrive to a nice spot where the guide prepares a classical and tasty reindeer herder lunch and freshly boiled coffee around the crackling outdoor fire.

The lovely atmosphere invites you to personal conversations about the Sami culture, traditions and lifestyle - with the reindeer as one of Sami society's most important cultural carriers and resources. After the break, we take the reindeer sleigh back to Sautosjohka again.

This winter we take bookings on request. Contact us at [email protected] or +46 980 668 00 to book. Minimum age to drive your own reindeer sled is 16 years. Children sit in an adult's sled, maximum one child per sled. Good physical health and mobility are required for the activity.
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Your clothing is the most important part in order to be able to enjoy your activity to the fullest. We strongly advise you to dress according to weather since most parts of the activity are held in an outdoor setting.

Loan of warm winter overall, warm shoes, gloves, and balaclava if needed. Visit Riverside Lobby to get equipt.

Dress warm underneath, preferably in thermal clothing, a warm middle layer, and hat.

A great opportunity to film your friends or family driving the wooden sled pulled by a reindeer.

Keep in mind

This tour is certified with the Swedish Ecotourism Society’s Label, Nature’s Best Sweden.

The activity always begins at the scheduled time, gather at Meeting point at least 15 minutes earlier, equipt and ready. Please note that you as a guest are personally responsible to visit Riverside Lobby well ahead to get equipt if that is included in the activity. Read more about the equipment offered for this particular activity in the section above.
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