SONG OF LOTUS by Kestutis Musteikis & Vytautas Musteikis. Photo: Christopher Hauser

Deluxe suite | from SEK 8 500 a night

Lavish extra large suite with lounge & sleeping areas and frosted glass door. Like the art suites, a three-dimensional piece of original art with intricate sculpting details. The deluxe suites are twice the size of other suites and boasts a heated ensuite bathroom and sauna; and a thick spring matress and pillow top. Complimentary private changing room is always included when…

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BEFORE THE BIG BANG by Rob & Timsam Harding. Photo: Christopher Hauser

Art Suites | SEK 4 200—7 500 a night

Each suite is a three-dimensional installation of original art. 16 intricate, individually designed themes and ample sculpting work, curtain door. Beautifully carved by hand, our art suites are all individually designed and created by handpicked artists from around the world and a wide range of disciplines. Complimentary, private changing booth is included when you stay in an art suite. Sleeps 2-3 persons. Read more…

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Northern Lights Room by Arne Bergh. Photo: Paulina Holmgren

Northern Lights | SEK 3 450—6 500 a night

An art installation of light, snow and ice; and our celebration of the magical northern lights! In this art room, the bed is enveloped in sweeping wall sculpture of snow and ice, animated northern ligths ceiling projection and curtain door. Sleeps 2-3 persons.  

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Ice Rooms | SEK 2 900—5 800 a night

Get the classic sleeping on ice experience in our standard rooms with ice decor and a bedframe made of ice. Sleeps 2-3 persons.  

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Snow Rooms | SEK 2 500—4 100 a night

In this simple but spacious snow room you’ll get a good night’s sleep in -5 degrees.  

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