• "... once in a lifetime trip"

    Sarah S, UK, on her visit in February 2015

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  • Unforgettable moments

  • Experience the Aurora Borealis

    See the lights dancing above Icehotel - one of the best places in the world for northern lights viewings.

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  • Original art in ice and snow

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  • A unique exhibition of art in crystal clear ice from the pristine Torne River
    Art Suite: Love Capsule by Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison. Photo: Asaf Kliger
  • Warm encounters in the Arctic
    Photo: Asaf Kliger
  • Photo: Asaf Kliger
  • Art Suite "The Flying Buttress" by AnnaKatrin Kraus & Hans Aescht. Photo: Asaf Kliger