Ice sculpting class - a must when you're at Icehotel. Photo: Asaf Kliger

Ice sculpting | SEK 695

A must when you’re at the original Icehotel! Explore the magical world of ice sculpting for yourself with this introductionary class. Working with your hands completely absorbs you, realaxing and intense at once. The master sculptor begins the class by giving you some background about working with ice, and an introduction to the tools. Each sculptor apprentice is then given a block…

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Cross country skiing - get your work out while exploring the wildereness. Photo: Markus Alatalo.

Skiing | SEK 695

Strap on your cross-country skis and head into the Narnia like woodlands. Cross-country skiing is next to a religion in northern Sweden and you’ll find most locals have at least two or three sets at home. Athletes favor it for its all-round work out of all the major muscle groups while at the same time an efficient cardio-exercise. And, if you’re not keen…

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Snowmobile safari with Icehotel, Sweden. Photo Markus Alatalo.

Snowmobile tours | from SEK 1195

Come along for an afternoon tour, a northern lights safari or an overnight wilderness experience. Icehotel snowmobile tours always have top quality, comfort & safety. The tours start from Jukkasjärvi and can only be booked through us or one of our approved agents.  

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Photo: Anna Öhlund

Dog sledding tours | from SEK 1495

Going dog sledding or driving your own team of huskies through the pristine landscape is a wonderful way of experiencing Lapland; a dream-like sensation of being close to everything – animals, snow and nature. Our four-legged local transport will take you to the wilderness around Jukkasjärvi, Kiruna. Our partner, Fjellborg Arctic Journeys, has over 20 years’ solid experience of breeding, training…

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Photo: Asaf Kliger

Sauna ritual

In Swedish Lapland, the sauna is the heart of the home, a place for peacefulness, relaxation and meditation. ”Kallebastun”, Jukkasjärvi Culture Sauna, is the cradle of the Swedish Sauna Academy, and was made an institution by enthusiast Kalle Grundberg. Gain the skills to sauna like a Scandinavian with our ten-step sauna ritual, including an ice plunge and a thorough cleansing of mind & body. Included:…

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Wilderness dinner | SEK 2495

Northern lights, star-gazing & delicious dining. In the comfort of a mini bus we travel to our secluded wilderness camp. While your wilderness chef prepares an elegant three-course dinner in the rustic cabin, the guide serves your welcome drinks. Far away from light pollution and city smog, the Polar sky shows off its panoramic, star-studded glory. At 200 km north…

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Photo: Martin Smedsén

Winter wilderness survival | SEK 1095

We offer a fun and educational way to learn the basics of winter survival. With experienced guide we head off into the wilderness in a snowmobile sled. Well there you will learn how to make a fire with flint, navigate by using signs in the nature and a lot more vital information on winter survival. Minimum age 8 years. Included:…

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Winter horseback riding tours with Icehotel. Photo Markus Alatalo.

Horseback riding tours | SEK 1950

Ride in the Narnia like Arctic wilderness on Icelandic Horses. Our partner, Ofelas, keeps a stable of Icelandics near the foothills of Kebnekaise (about an hour from Jukkasjärvi/Kiruna), a pristine area of deep pine forests and hilly terrain. The two tours offer the option to go in broad daylight in search of wildlife, or night time for northern lights enthusiasts.

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Photo: Scandinavian Photoadventures

Photography courses | SEK 1490

Northern lights, night skies, the Arctic landscape and wild life – join a tour with Scandinavian Photoadventures to learn more about photography. The tours are for beginners and includes a guide, camera and tripod. You can also choose to bring your own camera, and your guide will help you get the settings right for the purpose of your shoot. The…

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Meet the reindeer. Sami camp near Icehotel. Photo: Markus Alatalo


The Sámi people inhabitated northern Scandinavia long before the city of Kiruna was founded. For thousands of years, they’ve lived in harmony with nature and their reindeer, constantly moving in search of food for the herd. Nils Nutti is Sámi and through his business Nutti Sámi Siida, he lets curious visitors get a close encounter with his culture. Meet the…

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