ICEHOTEL & STF Abisko/STF Aurora Sky Station launch light-inspired travel in 2014


The two attractions yesterday announced that they will be teaming up to develop new travel experiences all focused around the particular natural light of the Arctic. The concept, Lights of Lapland, will be launched in 2014.

By light-inspired travel, the two properties are aiming for northern lights, midnight sun and Polar night experiences. Thanks to its location some 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, Kiruna – in which both properties are located, is subject to all of these sun light phenomena.

Hans Norén from STF explains the idea behind the initiative: “Our guests have since long linked our offers together by opting for combination packages. It seems like the natural next step to join in a closer partnership to enhance that experience by developing new ones together.”

The two partners will work to co-market existing experiences, but focus will be on developing new products. Beyond the northern lights, ICEHOTEL and STF Abisko/STF Aurora Sky Station are looking at developing experiences around the classic midnight sun that appears in June and July, and the Polar Night, the darkest time of the year when the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. During this time, there is a faint day light known as Kaamos. According to Dan Björk, sales director at ICEHOTEL, we’ve only seen the beginning of this type of tourism.

Björk says: “The northern lights tourism is far from saturated, but so far we’ve mainly seen this type of travel during the winter months. In fact, an equally good and in some people’s opinion even the best northern lights appear in fall, before the snow comes.”

The northern lights season starts as soon as the nights get darker, and runs between September and March.