Dessert on ice. Photo: Martin Smedsén

Our restaurants

Food is important to us and we believe that it is equally important to you as a guest. We therefore offer something for all appetites and moods – a finer gourmet restaurant as well as places with a more homely feeling. You can visit ICEHOTEL Restaurant, the traditional homestead restaurant Hembygsgården, the Lounge, the Porch and of course our popular ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL.

Even if none of our restaurants are made of ice, several of our dishes are served on plates made of the crystal clear ice from the Torne River when you order something from our famous ice menu.

More about Hembygdsgården and ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL

Read more about what we offer below.

ICEHOTEL Restaurant is open for pre-booked group travel only during summer. If you wish to eat with us during your stay, please visit the Old Homestead for breakfast, lunch, dinner/BBQ and swedish fika.

For reservations winter season 2014/2015, contact our booking department:

Tel: +46 (0) 980 66 800
Fax: +46 (0) 980 668 90

Opening hours during winter:                                     

  • Breakfast: Daily 07.00-10.00
  • Lunch Daily 11.30-14.30
  • Dinner: Daily 18.00-22.00

ICEHOTEL Restaurant

If you are curious about the best that Swedish Lapland has to offer in terms of raw ingredients, ICEHOTEL Restaurant is perfect for you. We offer a traditional restaurant at the best quality.

We also serve breakfast and lunch during winter.

Sample menu:
S: Moose carpaccio, chimichurri salsa, lingonberry & parmesan
MC: Fillet of reindeer, Kiruna shiitake, puréed butternut squash & root vegetables
D: Baked chocolate truffle, pureed cloudberries & lingonberries w. crème fraiche

The Lounge

The Lounge is a place for relaxing or for warming up in between outdoor activities. In the Lounge you can enjoy lighter meals with the flavors of Swedish Lapland in a cozy environment.

Opening hours during winter season:

Daily 10.30-18.00