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Wedding couple in the Ice Church at Icehotel Sweden 2016Photo Asaf Kliger


Be joined together in magic

Share your love with family and friends in an intimate Arctic wedding in Jukkasjärvi. The unique location, the ice, the snow and the almost unreal surroundings at Icehotel leave no one indifferent and there are plenty of options for your ceremony. Reincarnated in a new fashion every winter, the crisp Ice Church and Icehotel’s majestic main hall are truly unforgettable venues. The ephemeral nature of the ice church adds to the sensation – when no architectural memento exists, the memories and the vows exchanged are especially cherished. For a country-side wedding, opt for the rustic Jukkasjärvi village church, dating back to the 1600’s. Or, why not a romantic ceremony in the wild, promising each other eternal love against a breath-taking back drop of rivers, mountains and forests. Icehotel offers a wedding consultation service, so we can help with the planning and practical preparations to ensure your day is truly magical. Planning time varies from a few months to a couple of years. We recommend that you contact us well before it’s time.

The Ice Church

Although our Ice Church returns to the river in spring, love is eternal. Reborn in a new guise each winter and hand carved by carefully selected designers, it is an ephemeral and one of the most unique wedding locations that you can find. The church is opened on 26 December each year, and then it stays open until April when it begins to melt back into the river. The ice church is an intimate venue, accommodating around 35-40 people, with walls and ceiling made of snow and the altar details and benches are made of ice. The church is also very suitable for those considering to re-new their vows or a solemn blessing ceremony. If you would prefer a civil ceremony, then the hand-carved art suites or the majestic Main Hall in the hotel make for spectacular venues.

Celebrations – reception & dinner

Whether you’re planning a secret escape or a festive gathering of family and friends, a celebratory evening is in place. Think champagne, delicious food and custom-made blocks of ice with your names and date engraved adorning the tables. Icehotel Restaurant serves local delicacies like Kalix Bleak Roe, Arctic Char, reindeer and wild berries, prepared by the Michelin-trained head chef and his team in classic continental style. The historic Mommas-room is secluded from the main restaurant and ideal for private parties of up to 30 people. The Homestead, dating back to the 1700’s, is located ten minutes from Icehotel. Expect to devour local traditional food and organic wine in front of the warm glow of candles and the roaring open fire.

Summer & Autumn weddings

The Arctic summer and autumn landscapes are equally, if not more spectacular than winter. The snow is gone and and the 24 hour daylight spawn an intense explosion of green in June. Come late August and September, the landscape is transformed into a cascade of red and orange, and as the nights get darker, the northern lights start making their reappearance. Our wedding consultation service can help you plan an Arctic wedding all year round. Marry under the magical glow of the midnight sun or in the charming and historic Jukkasjärvi village church, dating back to the 1600’s. With a reception dinner in Icehotel Restaurant, the plates of crystal clear ice and bespoke table ice decorations adorning the tables, provides a nice contrast and an element of winter in the height of summer.

Practical Information

What should we wear in the Ice Church? Snowmobile suits or traditional wedding attire – either works! A general advice is to think warm; and wearing layers. All guests who stay at Icehotel get complimentary outer clothing on loan that we recommend your guests to wear during the ceremony.

What about make-up and hair? To prepare hair and make-up, getting dressed and the bridal bouquet, you can book a warm hotel room, or use the heated service building for Icehotel, which is open and staffed 24 hours.


We will do our best to make your dream come true. You will reach us at telephone +46-980-668 00 and e-mail info@icehotel.com

The wedding night

What could be more romantic that spending your first night as a married couple, tucked into a polar expedition sleeping bag – we even have especially made bags for two -, atop a thick layer of soft reindeer skins?

After a long and joyful day celebrating your love with friends and family, return to your suite for an unforgettable night – hopefully you will see the northern lights dancing in the night sky above. Each of our suites are a work of art; individually designed and hand-carved master pieces of ephemeral creativity and an experience like no other.

Icehotel offers a variety of room categories from luxury suites down to straightforward snow rooms. As always, breakfast, sauna, loan of warm outer clothing and complimentary entry to Icehotel throughout your stay is included. Read more about our rooms here.

Good to know

  • Wedding night suites
  • Ice church for 35-40 guests
  • 2 options for reception dinner
  • Year-round venues
  • Wedding consultation service


Clara and Martins Arctic Wedding

Legal information

  • Can foreign couples get married in Sweden?

    Couples from other countries have to make a personal visit to the local Tax Office and apply for a certificate regarding consideration of impediments to marriage (hindersprövning). We’ll guide you through the necessary paperwork.

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  • What about same-sex marriages?

    Same-sex marriage in Sweden has been legal since 2009, following the adoption of a new, gender-neutral law on marriage. Sweden was the seventh country in the world to open marriage to same sex couples. Icehotel welcomes all couples who wish to get married in our Church or at any Icehotel venue.

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  • Do you offer civil marriage ceremonies?

    Yes, the hand-carved art suites or the majestic Main Hall inside Icehotel are ideal for weddings and memorable happenings. We’ll assist with arranging a wedding officiant.

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