Bazarsad Bayarsaikhan working on Dragon Nest for ICEHOTEL #23. Photo: Paulina Holmgren

This year’s artists

Hundreds of artists from all over the world apply every year to design an art suite at ICEHOTEL. From these applicants our jury selects a handful of artists that are invited to Jukkasjärvi to be a part of the creation process during November and December.

The artists come from all art disciplines and there are no entry requirements for applying to design one of our suites. There has always been a mix of people, some have been here before and some are new to the place, many have never even worked with snow or ice before. The mix of experience and inexperience allows for the development of fresh ideas. This is the key to our innovation and has been for almost 25 years.

 ”In November, Jukkasjärvi becomes a melting pot of influences, cultures and languages. Everyone comes together to create art – it is a fantastic journey to be a part of.”

Jens Thoms Ivarsson, Director of Design på ICEHOTEL

ART SUITE: A FACE IN THE CROWD by Mikael Nille Nilsson & Ingemar Almeros

Mikael Nille Nilsson is an ice artist with a career that started in the ski lifts in Riksgränsen. Today he creates icebars around the world.

Ingemar Almeros works as illustrator and graphic designer. His heart goes out to music almost just as much as art. He also teaches in aesthetics at Umeå University.


ART SUITE: NARCISSUS by Nina Hedman & Magnus Hedman

Nina Hedman is a Stockholm-based sculptor, original from the northern part of Sweden, who creates in ice, concrete and rocks. She likes running and is a dedicated participant in running competitions.

Magnus Hedman usually works in the frozen food section in a supermarket. Narcissus is his third suite together with his aunt Nina. And no, he is not the famous swedish goal keeper, they just happen to share names…

ART SUITE: MIND THE GAP Marcus Dillistone & Magdalena Åkerström

Marcus Dillistone is a Royal Premiered British film director who produced his first film at the age of 12. But to his CV he can also add Associate Producer Music for the Athens 2004 Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies. In 2011 he built the humorous suite Frigid Dare at ICEHOTEL.

Magdalena Åkerström is a Swedish graphic designer with specialization in art exhibition catalogs and art books. She is also an interior designer, with a background from the theater and from being self-employed in her own design firm. She has returned to ICEHOTEL year after year to design hotel suites and the company’s printed matter, such as ICEHOTEL Art & Design Catalogue.

ART SUITE: UP THERE Luc Voisin & Mathieu Brison

Luc Voisin, landscape architect and interior designer, loving every aspect of the creative jobs, he successfully worked as a landscape architect, interior designer and set designer for events. Recently he received his education as an animal trainer for movies and in 2012 came his first feature film “Belle et Sébastien”.  Last year Voisin co-designed art suite “Cube³” with Marie Debloq.

After a law degree in a Lyon university, Mathieu Brison studied at the Special School of Architecture in Paris. Brison has been working many years with Set Design and events and in 2008 he was the project manager for the exhibition TEAM 10 at the Cité de LÁrchitecture & du Patrimoine in Paris.

ART SUITE: FUTURE ANCESTORS Mark Szulgit & Brooke Erdman

Mark Szulgit is an architect and designer from New York. He believes in and fully supports the legitimacy of snow and ice as building materials. This past year he celebrated his ninth straight Christmas in Jukkasjärvi.

Brooke Erdman is specialized in site-specific work of art and can create in both ice and fire.

ART SUITE: YOUR GLANCE José Carlos Cabello Millán

With a background in fine arts and specialism within sculpting, José Carlos Cabello Millán is a multi-award winning artist and has been participating in exhibitions and international art symposiums globally since 1994. Last winter Millan built the art suite Rain of Memories at ICEHOTEL.


Rob Harding and Timsam Harding are the dynamic father-son team from Malaga, Spain. Rob, originally from England, has had a lifelong career as an accomplished sculptor. This is not Rob’s first experience with ice and snow as he has participated in snow sculpture competitions in Japan, Finland, Italy, Germany and Sweden. Timsam recently finished his studies majoring in art and film. This will be their third suite at ICEHOTEL.

ART SUITE: POLE DANCING Christine & Natalie Close

Having initially trained in photography, Christine Close started sculpting many years ago. She is now established as a figurative sculptor working mainly with animal forms. Close portrays the character of each animal and transforms it into clay. The sculpture can then be cast in bronze, resin, cement, glass or whatever best fits the form. Close is currently working from France and undertakes commissions privately or for public places. She has sculptures on permanent display in the UK and in private collections worldwide.

Natalie Close is a qualified Visual Anthropologist living and working in Tokyo, Japan. She has conducted several research projects on the art of East Asia, Southeast Asia and West Africa. She is also engaged

in making a film about a local community festival, which she hopes to enter into film festivals upon completion.

ART SUITE: SOLID FLOW by Jens Dyvik & Yoad David Luxembourg

Jens Dyvik is a designer specialized in global collaboration and local manufacturing. He works with emotional connections between people and products, and aims to create services and products that help make those connections meaningful. In April 2013 Dyvik concluded a two year research world tour, where he worked at open collaborative workspaces on all corners of the world. He is currently establishing a FabLab in Oslo, which he will run next to his design studio.

Yoad David Luxembourg places his attention on crossing disciplinary borders and engaging boundaries. His work, interdisciplinary, is an elaborate mixture of philosophy, psychology, photography and the many fields of art and design. Graduating with honors in 2004, with his pioneering approach to design, followed by master studies, Luxembourg is one of Holland’s most promising design/fashion talents. Currently a PhD student at the faculty of Fine Arts in Porto, David is researching multidisciplinary activity and universal structures in design.

ART SUITE: IT’S ALIVE Karl-Johan Ekeroth & Christian Strömqvist

Karl-Johan Ekeroth is a Swedish artist based in Gothenburg and with a background in Swedish and Japanese design studies. Ekeroth has been involved with ICEHOTEL for several years and has also done external projects in the past with Jens Thoms Ivarsson, Director of Design and Strategy at ICEHOTEL. Recently Ekeroth has worked with concept design for IKEA and Röhsska Museet in Gothenburg.

Strömqvist and Ekeroth met during their studies at Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk (HDK) in Gothenburg, Sweden. With a background in broader design studies, Christian Strömqvist specializes in child culture design and has together with Ekeroth seen through various projects and concept designs for IKEA’s children’s products. Strömqvist has also spent some time in Japan and together with Ekeroth and Thoms Ivarsson he took home silver in the prestigious Sapporo International Snow Sculpture Contest in 2012.

ART SUITE: FROZTY FLOWER Natsuki Saito & Shingo Saito

Natsuki Saito is a designer and architect who first came across working with ice as an art material 14 years ago in Hokkaido, Japan. Today, Saito is the creative director for Lake Shikaribetsu Igloo Village, and continues to challenge and stretch the limits of the possibilities and expressions of ice.

Shingo Saito is an ice sculptor and builder with more than 15 years’ experience, now chief builder at Lake Shikaribetsu Igloo Village, Japan.

Natsuki and Shingo designed The Flower for last winter’s ICEHOTEL.

ART SUITE: ICED ORIGAMI Gretchen Alexander & Melanie Peters

Contemporary architect Gretchen Alexander runs her own design firm NDesign GmbH with offices in Italy and Austria. Originally from California, she draws inspiration from having lived abroad for many years.

Architect and interior designer Melanie Peters was born in NRW, Germany, but now work with Alexander on projects in Austria and Italy. Their projects involve everything from hotels and private villas to restorations of listed buildings and monuments.

ART SUITE: CLASSICAL Lena Kriström & Camilla Bergman

Lena Kriström is a Swedish sculptor and have worked with ICEHOTEL on various projects over the years. Kriström usually sculpts in stone or magnetite, some of which are displayed in and around the hotel. She has studied Italian sculpting traditions, which has been the inspiration for this classical roman suite.

Kriström and Camilla Bergman met during their design studies. Bergman is based in southern Sweden, but her work is displayed in various places around the country. Her work spans sculpting in stone and concrete, through to ceramics and drawings – but she is new to ICEHOTEL.

When Kriström, who was on the lookout for a partner for her design idea, called Bergman up one day this spring, she immediately accepted the opportunity to make a classic roman art suite at ICEHOTEL.

ICE CHURCH: 130 ARCTIC SUNSETS by Elin Julin, Marjolein Vonk & Marinus Vroom

Elin Julin, Sweden
Julin is a Swedish landscape architect who has previous years been involved in the design of the open spaces in front of ICEHOTEL’s entrance. This year she returns to create interior spaces.

Marjolein Vonk, the Netherlands
Marjolein Vonk works as an interior decorator and stylist. Each winter since 2001, she has returned to ICEHOTEL. With numerous Art Suites, Ice Churches and ICEHOTEL events abroad; ther ice and snow experience is extensive.

Marinus Vroom, the Netherlands
Marinus Vroom is an actor and a founding member of the Dutch theater group Vis à Vis. Vroom is a long standing seasonal contributor to ICEHOTEL and specifically, the Ice Church. This year he again unload his suitcase full of drama and style onto Lapland snow, his second home.

MAIN HALL: SECRET GARDEN by Alessandro Falca & Anna-Sofia Mååg

Alessandro Falca, Italy
Alessandro is a swedish-based designer who runs his own design firm Conte di San Pietro. Originally from Italy, he is currently living in the Swedish Lapland and collaborating with ICEHOTEL on various projects since 2010. He also hosts the ice sculpting classes here at ICEHOTEL together with his colleague and friend AnnaSofia Mååg.

AnnaSofia Mååg, Sweden
Anna Sofia Mååg works with ceramics but is also an ice and snow sculptor. She is based in Kiruna, Sweden and each year returns to ICEHOTEL to create ice and snow art, and to teach ice sculpting.

ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL: LOST AND FOUND by Jens Thoms Ivarsson, Tjåsa Gusfors & Maurizio Perron

Maurizio Perron, Italy
Maurizio Perron is from Italy and has been sculpting since he was eight years old. He has been a part of the ICEHOTEL family for many seasons. He generally works with wood, stone and ice, but has also experimented with fire performance and concrete installation.

Tjåsa Gusfors, Sweden
Tjåsa Gusfors has sculpted and worked in, on and around ICEHOTEL since the year 2000.Tjåsa has been working with other materials than ice and snow, such as wood and rock. She is also active in the music and theatre scene. In addition to fronting the band Anna Bandit, Tjåsa co-founded the Papagena Music and Theatre Group in 1991.

Jens Thoms Ivarsson, Sweden
Thoms Ivarsson has worked with crafts and designs virtually all his life. He came in contact with the ICEHOTEL for the first time in 2003, when he saw a program about the hotel on tv. He became very interested to participate in any way so he called ICEHOTEL. He was asked to send work samples to Arne Berg, artistic director. Jens then came to Jukkasjärvi with his colleague Mats. Since then, Thoms Ivarsson has been involved in ICEHOTEL every season and now works as Director of Design at ICEHOTEL.

DELUXE BY MINI by Peter Koerbler, Tom Allemeier, Viktor Tsarski & Wouter Biegelaar

Wouter Biegelaar, the Netherlands
Biegelaar is a Dutch artist, who considers Sweden his second home and whose main interests are design, music and travel. After finishing his studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, he proceeded to start his own design firm, through which he creates everything from trains, to medical equipment and roller coasters. Currently, Biegelaar is in the process of launching his own furniture label.

Viktor Tsarski, Bulgaria
Viktor has been working as an architect since completing his education at the University of Architecture in Sofia, Bulgaria. He also has created a sculpture for the 2007 Magnetite Heavy Art project in Jukkasjärvi.

DELUXE SUITE: SONG OF LOTUS by Kestutis Musteikis & Vytautas Musteikis

Vytautas Musteikis, Lithuania
Vytautas Musteikis is a visual anthropologist  who documents ancient traditions and manners. He has worked together with his brother Kestutis in a various number of art projects since year 2000.

Kestutis Musteikis, Lithuania
Kestutis Musteikis is a regular ICEHOTEL artist. He works with materials as stone, wood, concrete and bronze besides the ice. He also participated in the Magnetite Heavy Art project in 2007.

RECEPTION: TODO MUNDO by Arne Bergh & Speto

Arne Bergh, Sweden
Arne Bergh has been the Artistic Director for ICEHOTEL for twenty years. He brings a sense of wonderment and thrill to everything he touches. Arne began his career as a wood sculptor designing such marvels from contemporary sculptures, commission work for World Expo in Seville 1992 to wooden ties and everything in between.

Speto, Brazil
Speto is a world famous brazilian street artist who merges influences from music genres like 1980’s hip hop with modernist and surrealist painters, Chinese and Mexican folk art and pop art to create a truly unique expression in his art.



Olof Lange & Martin Svensson is the team behind the light installations all over ICEHOTEL.