Artists Revealed for Icehotel #30

collage of artists portraits icehotel 30

June 3, 2019

The dream to create Sweden’s 30th Icehotel has sparked the interest of artists, sculptors, designers and architects all across the world. 126 unique concepts from 34 countries in six different continents have been submitted to this year’s Icehotel jury. The names of those who will design and create the 15 art suites of ice and snow can now be revealed.

As this year’s hotel was melting and returning to its origins of Torne River, the Icehotel jury agreed on the fifteen art suite designs that would be part of next season’s hotel. This is a process that takes place every spring but due to the hotel’s jubilee, Luca Roncoroni, Creative Director at the Icehotel says it felt very special:

It’s 30 years since the start of what later came to be the world-known Icehotel. It’s a great honour to receive fantastic applications from creative people all over the world. I am really looking forward to welcoming the artist teams to Jukkasjärvi this winter and see their visions turn in to unique experiences for our guests. 

 When the first snow reaches Jukkasjärvi, around mid-November, the selected artists will gather to create the art exhibition of snow, ice and light that will become Icehotel #30. The artists’ designs for the art suites of the jubilee hotel, which opens on 13th of December, will be released in September.


Artists and Suite titles of Icehotel #30

“The Day After”

Marjolein Vonk, art director, stylist and artist, Netherlands

Maurizio Perron, sculptor and artist, Italy


Jörgen Westin, artist and industrial designer, Sweden

Daniel Rosenbaum, artist and designer, Australia/ Canada

“Feline Lair”

Brian McArthur, artist and sculptor, Canada

Dawn Detarando, artist and sculptor, Canada

“Ruossut – the light you can hear”

Anna Öhlund, photographer, sculptor and artist, Sweden

John Pettersson, lighting designer, Sweden

“Clear Water”

AnnaSofia Mååg, artist and sculptor, Sweden

Niklas Byman, entrepreneur and former Icehotel ice-production technician, Sweden

“ECHO´S – of the Torne River”

Francisco Cortés Zamudio, artist, Chile/Germany

“White Santorini”

Haemee Han, designer and landscape architect, USA/South Korea

Jaeyual Lee, architect, USA

“Bone Room”

Robert Harding, artist and sculptor, UK/South Africa/Spain

“Spring Dream”

ZhaoLei, artist and sculptor, China

ZhaoYong, artist and sculptor, China

“Golden Ice”

Nicolas Triboulot, designer, France

Jean-Marie Guitera, sound and game designer, Australia


Natsuki Saito, ice sculptor, architect, designer, Japan

Shingo Saito, ice sculptor, Japan

“A Night At The Theatre”

Jonathan Paul Green, production designer, UK

Marnie Green, art student, UK

“Tip Of The iceberg”

Franziska Agrawal, industrial designer and artist, Germany

“Warm Up”

Tomasz Czajkowski, interior designer, Poland

Aleksandra Pasek, psychologist and writer, Poland

“6 Feeling”

Vladimir Barsukov, sculptor and photographer, Russia

Ekaterina Barsukova, designer and sculptor, Russia


Portraits from left to right: Brian McArthur, Dawn Detarando, Daniel Rosenbaum, Marjolein Vonk, Maurizio Perron, AnnaSofia Mååg, Niklas Byman, Jonathan Paul Green, Marnie Green, Anna Öhlund, John Pettersson, Robert Harding, Tomasz Czajkowski, Aleksandra Pasek, Franziska Agrawal, Francisco Cortés Zamudio, Jörgen Westin, Jaeyual Lee, Haemee Han, Nicolas Triboulot, Vladimir Barsukov, Ekaterina Barsukova, ZhaoYong, ZhaoLei (missing in the picture), Jean-Marie Guitera, Natsuki Saito, Shingo Saito.




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Icehotel opened in 1989 and is beside a hotel also an art exhibition with ever-changing art out of ice and snow. Icehotel is created in a new guise every winter, completely made out of natural ice from Torne River, one of Sweden’s national rivers and last untouched waters. 

When the winter season’s Icehotel has melted back into the river in the spring, a part of the hotel remains; Icehotel 365 - a place where visitors can experience the ice and sleep in hand carved art suites year-round.