About the Company


The mission of Icehotel group is to create life enriching experiences. Momentary stories and meetings that become keepsakes to remember and share forever. When we started out in 1989, the small art gallery grew to become a kind of hotel the world had never seen before. It was the start of a journey, which has brought the world to Torne River, and Torne River to the world.


Today, 30 years later, we are fortunate to do this 365 days of the year over two integrated focus areas; Icehotel - the destination with a hotel made of ice and snow  and the Icehotel Creative Experience with ice bars, events and products around the globe.

iceblocks with veils
Photo Peter Kindersley
Icehotel under pastel sky
Photo Asaf Kliger


The most known is of course the destination and master brand, Icehotel. The seasonal winter resort expanded in 2016 with the opening of Icehotel 365, run on solar power to keep –5 C all year.

Aiming to create a total experience for our visitors, we manage adventure and culinary experiences either in-house or in close partnership with carefully selected partners.

ICEHOTEL Creative Experience – for brands with a story to tell

The origin of the wold-renowned ice bar concept Icebar by Icehotel and some 30 years experience of Ice events around the globe. 

We first started creating ice experiences on behalf of other brands in the 1990s. With a year-round supply of crystal clear, Arctic ice from the Torne River, unrivalled know-how and a global network of designers we are commissioned by brands like Volvo, Chanel, King and Nobel.


ice obesique at Nobel banquet
Icehotel crew
Photo Asaf Kliger

Who we are

We are experience artists and storytellers. Our inspiration is the Arctic and the delicate beauty of crafting something that is ephemeral yet engaging all your senses. We create experiences using the crystal clear ice from Torne River, the Arctic nature and produce as our materials.

The Icehotel family is a colorful mix of people, each with their own passion as their artwork – be it food, wilderness, local customs, sculpting or travel design.




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