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ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL has moved beyond Jukkasjärvi. In our icebars you can have a drink in a below-freezing setting, surrounded by the ice from the Torne River wherever you are. Sometimes in the form of pop up bars that only exist for a limited amount of time and sometimes as a permanent addition to the city’s nightlife. Right now you can find permanent ICEBARS in Jukkasjärvi and in Stockholm, Sweden.

No matter where you visit us, the place, as well as glasses, is made entirely out of ice from the Torne River. The design of the bars is created by known artists from around the world changing from year to year ­ just like the design of ICEHOTEL.

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Are you interested in opening an ICEBAR, either a pop-up bar or a permanent bar within the concept of ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL please contact us for further information.

ICEHOTEL, Marknadsvägen 63, Jukkasjärvi
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Tel: +46 (0)980 668 00


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The ICEBAR in Jukkasjärvi was first set up in 1994 and is the original icebar. Visiting Icebar is something you should do at least once in your life. Sip on a delicious cocktail or have a glass of champagne – obviously the glasses are made entirely out of ice. Dance on a floor made of snow and do some late night mingling with visitors from near and far that have all traveled to this little bar by the Torne River.

Yoy find our ice bar in the permanent part of ICEHOTEL, open every day year round. Like the rest of ICEHOTEL, ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi, takes on a new guise every year – no bar like the previous one!

The Fuzzy Chisel

This years´s ice bar puts the ice in focus. The minimalist design is used in order to highlight the variations in each ice block and let the guests discover the veils in the frozen water. The Fuzzy Chisel is a transparent icebar that entice people to meet – a place to gather together, just like Jukkasjärvi (which translates to meeting place). “There is something fuzzy about it.”

Design Karl-Johan Ekeroth, Jens Thoms Ivarsson, Elin Julin & Håkan Jutblad. Photo Asaf Kliger.


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Did you know ICEHOTEL co-founded the world’s first permanent ice bar back in 1994? Icebar by Icehotel Stockholm is located in the city center, inside Hotel C nearby the Central Station. The bar is made of Torne River ice, and holds sub-zero temperature all year round. Naturally, the drinks are served IN the rocks, in glasses made of ice.

The crisp air, the artistry, the cold and the contrast to the warm atmosphere makes for a bar experience you won’t forget.

  • A visit lasts 45 min.
  • Artists from Icehotel create a new design every year.
  • Accommodates 60 guests.

Vasaplan 4, entrance via Hotel C
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Tel: +46 8 50 56 35 20

Visit ICEBAR Stockholm and check out what´s going on behind the scenes in our Time Lapse clip


icebar stockholm Time lapse