Icehotel 31 is ready – another six art suites released

art suite in blue ice at icehotel
Art Suite Lucid Dream | Design Lukas Petko | Photo Asaf Kliger

Experience all the new art at icehotel


Press Release December 21, 2020

The final six art suites are created and the 31st hotel of ice and snow is now complete.

Together with Icehotel's building team, ice production, creative support and lighting designers the 35 artists have created 12 unique art suites in Icehotel 31 and six new art suites in Icehotel 365 and a ceremony hall for intimate weddings and other celebrations.

Icehotel 31 can be experienced from December 11 until mid-April, 2021, then the winter-open part of Icehotel melts down to the Torne River again. The permanent part of the hotel, Icehotel 365, then remains and offers ice and snow experiences all year round.




Everyone can visit Icehotel – via AR on Instagram

Icehotel has for the last 30 years been a meeting place for people from all over the world, but this year things are different since many are restricted from travelling. For those who are unable to travel in person, Icehotel has created an Augmented Reality. Experience on Instagram – a digital journey to Icehotel’s world of ice and snow – from your living room. 

A warm welcome into the cold, wherever you are!




Pictures & press material
  • See the online photo gallery here.
  • Download photos here.
  • Try the AR experience on Instagram, and step into the art. Open the link with your smartphone (the latest version of Instagram is needed).

Art Suites in Icehotel 365

  • Icehotel 365 You are here. Elisabeth Kristensen & Dave Ruane
  • Icehotel 365 Toybox. Wouter Biegelaar & Viktor Tsarski
  • Icehotel 365 Sauna. Luca Roncoroni

Deluxe Suites in Icehotel 365

Ceremony Hall & Art Suites in Icehotel 31

There is also video material to illustrate how the AR experience works that can be sent on request.




About Icehotel

Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi opened in 1989. In addition to being a hotel it is also an art exhibition, with original art in ice and snow, that changes from season to season. Each winter a new version of Icehotel is created entirely from ice from the Torne River, one of Sweden's National Heritage Rivers, which are protected from hydroelectric development. When the winter season’s hotel of ice and snow has melted and returned to the river in spring, part of the hotel remains – a place where visitors can enjoy experiences of ice and snow all year round.

Cool facts of this years Icehotel
  • 54 cold rooms in Icehotel (12 art suites in icehotel 31, 24 ice rooms in Icehotel 31, 9 art suites and 9 deluxe suites in Icehotel 365)
  • 1 Experience room of ice and snow inside Icehotel 365, including movie theatre
  • 1 Ceremony Hall inside Icehotel 31
  • 1 Icebar by Icehotel Jukkasjärvi
  • 35 artists have created the new art in Icehotel 31 and Icehotel 365
  • 563 tons of ice were used to create Icehotel 31
  • 10 Olympic swimming pools (22000 cubic meters) of snice, a mix of snow and water, were used to create the Icehotel 31.
  • 200 handmade ice crystals were used to create the crystal chandeliers inside Icehotel 31
  • 5 degrees below zero is the temperature inside the Icehotel 6 weeks to create Icehotel 31, from start to finish.
  • 72 warm hotel rooms and cabins, if you get cold feet.
  • 1 World’s leading Icehotel 2020, winner of World Travel Awards.


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