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Price SEK 295

Melting ICEHOTEL guided tour

ICEHOTEL seasonal suites return to the Torne River in spring. This beautiful metamorphosis we leave to nature to take care of while with bittersweet sensation watching the ice art take new shapes and then slowly disappearing.

Take the exclusive opportunity to roam the ruins of ICEHOTEL. Armed with protective rubber boots and helmets, join the guide to discover the remnants of intricate ice sculptures and empty hallways as the spring sunrays work to open the ceiling more by each hour passing by. The only sound is the dripping of meltwater and your footsteps through puddles. This tour is exclusive to the melting period of the winter seasonal suites, available daily from end of April to end of May och thereafter for as long as possible (contact us for more info).

The tour includes

  • Visit within ICEHOTEL 29 during melting
  • Tour of the monumental ice storage and ice production
  • Visit the show room of ICEHOTEL

Note that the entrance to ICEHOTEL 365 is not included in this tour.

Practical info

  • Available from April 18 and as long as it’s safe to enter the melting hotel.
  • Duration 1 hour
  • 11 am daily
  • The tour starts from ICEHOTEL meeting point
  • Tickets are sold onsite in the Reception/River side Lobby and at ICEHOTEL Shop

Important info

We reserve the right to cancel or change the departure time of this tour without notice for the safety of guests. If we need to close the construction area entirely to visitors during the scheduled tour time, we will try to make the tour later on the same day.