Lip Lip – Aurora Borealis

The eco-friendliest option of northern lights activity, with a focus on traditional Sámi storytelling. “Lip Lip” is what you say in Sámi to attract the northern lights.
Follow our guide and tame reindeer out for an educating, mysterious and peaceful walk to the best northern light locations in our forest near Reindeer Lodge. This activity suits everyone as our reindeer will assist us as they did back in the nomadic time, by pulling our packing-sleds where kids can sit too.
“Have you heard about the mysterious white reindeer, whispering winds and northern lights saving lives?”
The focus will be on storytelling since the oral tradition is the only way the Sámi knowledge has been passed on through history. Old Sámi myths and tales about the old religion, nature and northern lights are in modern times disappearing among the younger generations. This is however a great opportunity to take part of the rarely told stories and to learn about the Sámi culture.

During the tour we will gather around our fireplace, taking in the surroundings and be embraced by a harmonious moment where tales, joik and songs comes to life. We will boil coffee and tea on the fireplace and hopefully have captivating conversations as the magnificent lights of Aurora Borealis dance above us.

The price includes:

  • Myths and facts about the Sámi people
  • Loan of warm clothes if needed (warm outer layers, gloves)
  • Transfer
  • Coffee or tea

Place: Gather at Meeting Point.

Equipment: Dress according to weather.

Who is it suitable for: Suitable for everyone.

Keep in mind: We take the opportunity to look for Northern Lights on this tour. The Northern Lights are a nature phenomenon and occur on nature’s terms. There are no guarantees that you will see the Northern Lights during the tour.

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Nature’s Best

This tour is certified with the Swedish Ecotourism Society’s label, Nature’s Best