Sketches of 30th Icehotel released

September 4, 2019

Sleep on the top of an Iceberg, spend a night at the theatre – or wake up in white Santorini. Creativity will shine through brightly when the world’s first ice hotel celebrates its 30th birthday this coming winter. 

Icehotel #30 opens its doors on December 13th, 2019. For those who, however, can’t wait to see what’s in store for this winter; here are the designs of the jubilee hotel’s fifteen new art suites.


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Celebration of the world's first hotel of snow and ice

Thirty years ago the founder of Icehotel in Sweden’s Jukkasjärvi, Yngve Bergqvist, launched the concept of what became the world’s first ice hotel. Three decades later the hotel has had more than a million visitors from across the planet.

”In 1989 we had no idea how much attention a hotel made of ice and snow would get… But here we are, ready to celebrate Icehotel’s fantastic history as well as exciting future,” says Yngve Bergqvist.


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Snow machine blowing snow
Asaf Kliger

15 design teams from 34 countries

Out of 126 applications from artist teams based in 34 different countries, 15 teams have been chosen by the Icehotel jury. In addition, three teams received a special invite to create the new main and ceremony hall, as well as the Icebar in the year-around hotel area, Icehotel 365.

”It’s been a challenge to choose between all the amazing design ideas but I believe we have ended up with a great mix of expressions, themes and playfulness for Icehotel#30. This winter will truly be something special,”

Luca Roncoroni, creative director at Icehotel.

New viewing platform outside the hotel

One of the other new additions for the coming winter is a viewing platform made of ice and snow outside of the hotel for guests who want to have a look at the surrounding landscape and in particular the Torne River. All ice at the hotel comes directly from the river and returns every spring as the hotel melts.

”This is our way to honour where we come from. Without Torne, we wouldn’t be celebrating 30 years of fantastic art work and unforgettable memories,” says Luca Roncoroni.

When the first snow reaches Jukkasjärvi, around mid-November, the artists will gather to create the art exhibition of snow, ice and light that will become Icehotel #30.

Scroll down for all sketches.

Our creative director Luca Roncoroni
Photo Asaf Kliger

Icehotel opened in 1989 and is beside a hotel also an art exhibition with ever-changing art out of ice and snow. Icehotel is created in a new guise every winter, completely made out of natural ice from Torne River, one of Sweden’s national rivers and last untouched waters. 

When the winter season’s Icehotel has melted back into the river in the spring, a part of the hotel remains; Icehotel 365 - a place where visitors can experience the ice and sleep in hand carved art suites year-round.


Design sketches Icehotel 30 + icebar by icehotel