Wedding Photography at ICEHOTEL

If you are looking for a conceptual Nordic wedding in the forest, a romantic ceremony in the ice chapel or dream of your wedding photos being shot under the northern lights – the possibilities are endless at ICEHOTEL.

A growing trend in the world of weddings is pre-wedding photography. Couples want to spend their wedding day taking care of their guests instead of spending their time posing for photographs with a wedding photographer.

This winter Forbes listed ten amazing locations around the world to take pre-wedding photographs, with Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi as one of the destinations; “Here you’ll be taking pre-wedding photos in the first ever hotel of its kind, with the art changing through the seasons, making your session a unique arctic experience.” Read the entire Forbes article here

Nature and art create a magic backdrop

Asaf Kliger is an awarded destination wedding photographer who for the last 10 years has been shooting weddings all over the world. From Costa Rica and Colombia to Sri Lanka, South of France & Paris, Russia, Israel, New York, London, Colombia – to Icehotel in northernmost Sweden.

“Both the nature and the art create a totally magic backdrop here i Jukkasjärvi – all year round. Every season has its own charm, in December we are thrilled by the constant sunset and sunrise – the kaamos light, and in the summer the midnight sun gives us the option to shoot extraordinary weddings under the midnight sun,” tells Asaf.

The possibilities at Icehotel are endless. Whether you are dreaming of an intimate pre-wedding photo session under the northern lights or want your pictures to be shot the day of the wedding in the ice chapel, Icehotel will help you coordinate your wishes together with your photographer.

Asaf continues:
“For me as a photographer it’s a dream to photograph weddings in such a diverse and beautiful location where the light, season and the wonderful couples themselves set the agenda.”

Arctic weddings all year round

The Arctic summer and autumn landscapes are equally, if not more spectacular than winter. Read about Arctic weddings at Icehotel.


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This is the world’s first Icehotel, situated in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden approximately 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. Icehotel was founded in 1989 and is an art exhibition and hotel made of natural ice and snow from one of Europe’s last wild rivers. The artists and artwork vary from year to year, each rendition of the hotel presenting an ephemeral collection. The 2016 edition will be the 27th hotel and hold 55 rooms. When parts of ICEHOTEL melts back into the Torne River in the spring, Icehotel 365 will continue to offer visitors an ice experience year-round.