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Fall asleep in a typographical pun, dance with the clowns in the suite ”Dancers in the dark” or dive into a surreal underwater world at the bottom of the sea. Those are some of the creations that await the guests in the newly opened Icehotel 365.

Icehotel 365 is now open, a year-round ice experience in 2,100 square meter with 20 suites, an ice bar that serves champagne and drinks, as well as an ice gallery – all created out of snow and ice. Around 30,000 liters of water from Torne River has transformed into snow and several tons of ice have been harvested from the river to create both parts of Icehotel. On December 16 the 27th Icehotel will be completed on the riverbank and the guests can enjoy and be inspired by a total of 55 rooms. The guests can already sleep in Art and Deluxe Suites made from ice and snow, savor the delicious food and through tailored activities experience Europe’s last wilderness.


  • Experience more art than ever at Icehotel and create your own ice sculpture – an absolute must when you visit Icehotel!
  • Plunge into Torne River and sauna like a local as a part of the Jukkasjärvi sauna ritual.
  • Arctic wilderness survival – a half-day beginners course that teach you how to build a shelter and make fire with flint amongst other things.

A heart for art

To let the ice express ephemeral art is the heart of Icehotel. This year the hotel will offer more art than ever in the history of Icehotel.

– What’s fascinating is that the sun which melted the art in the past, is essential for making the year-round art experience possible. The art in the permanent part of Icehotel will also change during the year and melt back into Torne River again, says Arne Bergh, Creative Director at Icehotel.

Over forty artists, designers and architects from nine different countries have created the art in the part of the hotel that will be open year-round and also opened first. Some of them are Icehotel veterans; for example the Norwegian-Italian architect Luca Roncoroni who this year has created an elegant apartment inspired by the Victorian era and for those who worry about freezing during the night, a (hot?) element is placed by the bed. Tjåsa Gusfors and Patrick Dallard are also they back this year and invite you to dance in the suite “Dancers in the dark”.

First pictures revealed

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ICEHOTEL on nature’s terms

Walls, floors and ceilings are covered with ice and snow and the temperature is minus five degrees Celsius, year-round, in the new building. The refrigerating plant that makes sure Icehotel 365 is cold during the summer is powered by energy from solar panels and since Jukkasjärvi is situated 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, the sun is shining a 100 consecutive days during the summer months.

– The nature and environment are not only a huge source for inspiration for Icehotel, but also a necessity to create the hotel year after year. Our guests now have the option to combine their ice experience with dog sled and northern lights or with a tour on the river under the midnight sun – on nature’s terms. Historically this is the first time something like this has been built in the world and we are very happy to be able to welcome our guests every day of the year, says Yngve Bergqvist, founder and initiator of the project.

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