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Icehotel 365 opened its doors in 2016, first in the world to offer ice experiences year-round. It is a specially designed 2100 square meter ice art hall, which houses Art and Deluxe Suites, an Ice bar and an experience room where you can learn about Icehotel's history through images, art and a short video presentation. At night time the suites make a hotel, at daytime an art-exhibition – open 365 days of the year.

If you want to visit Icehotel for the day you are welcome to buy your entry tickets on site in the Main Reception.


entrance to Icehotel 365 in summer
Photo Asaf Kliger
Art suite mad of ice with a great staircase in the middle leading up to a new floor and a hotel bed made of ice
Design Alex Haw & Aditya Bhatt | Photo Asaf Kliger

Sleep amongst ice art


Is sleeping inside an art exhibition surrounded by beautiful hand carved art made of ice and snow on your bucket list? Let's tick a box and spend a night amongst pristine ice art at Icehotel. Each suite is individually themed and hand carved by select artists from around to world and a wide range of disciplines. The bedrooms are furnished with exclusive beds for the best sleeping comfort. All beds are covered with reindeer hides and on top of this you sleep well in a thermal sleeping bag.

Art suite 365


The Art Suites in Icehotel 365 are uniquely designed and built entirely of ice and snow according to the same concept as the classic, vinter hotel. Overnight guests of Art Suites share a common, heated area inside Icehotel 365 consisting of toilets and small lockable cabinets to store valuables if needed. Shared sauna and shower area is located in the next-door building and available for all overnight guests.

Art suite of snow and ice called Lost & Found
Warm bathroom to the deluxe suites at Icehotel
Photo Asaf Kliger

Deluxe suite 365 with ensuite bathroom


The Deluxe Suite 365 is our most exclusive room type. Each suite, exclusively designed and made of snow and ice, holds its own private bathroom in warm room temperature, always including a shower and a toilet - Johka, while Hilla also includes a sauna and Jaúvre both sauna and bathtub. The design of the bathroom and relaxation area is a combination of local culture and history in the building material and details. Designed by Majolein Vonk and Pia Sandgren.

Icebar by Icehotel Jukkasjärvi


Icehotel 365 also holds a magnificent Ice bar that serves drinks in the rocks and Champagne out of handmade glasses of ice. 

Did you know that Icehotel co-founded the world’s first permanent ice bar back in 1994? Icebar by Icehotel Stockholm is located in the city center, inside Hotel C nearby the Central Station. The bar is made of Torne River ice, and holds sub-zero temperatures all year round. 

Icebar by Icehotel Jukkasjärvi
Design LUC VOISIN & MATHIEU BRISON | Photo Asaf Kliger
Window inside Icehotel 365 showing summer in Jukkasjärvi outside the hotel
Photo Asaf Kliger

Architecture & Sustainability


The sun that melts the winter hotel, is also essential in keeping Icehotel 365 at its constant –5 degrees as the sun rays are harnessed by solar panels on the roof and transformed into cooling energy.  Jukkasjärvi has nearly constant daylight between May and July which makes it a perfect location to run a 875 m2 solar cell facility in search of becoming increasingly self-sufficient. Working with Swedish Architect and Sustainability Designer Hans Eek, Icehotel 365 combines state- of-the-art architecture and sustainable energy with the ice art that draws winter visitors from over 80 countries every year.

We recommend

One night on ice and a couple of nights in a chalet or a traditional hotel room is ideal, as it gives you time to join wilderness excursions on the days when you have a warm room to return to in the evening. If possible, we recommend you book your first or last night on ice and the remaining nights in our chalets or hotel rooms.

A bed in at a hotel room at Icehotel in warm room temperature
Photo Linda Johansson





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How to Sleep amongst ice art



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