Deluxe Suite 365 Johka

Room Facts & Services Included

Double bed/triple bed | Private warm bathroom with double waterfall showers | Breakfast | Organic Arctic spa products Care of Gerd | Loan of snowsuit & boots | Changing and storage in suite | 40 square meters | WiFi | Non-smoking only | Entrance to Riverside Lobby | Entrance to Icehotel |

Our largest suite features a heated relaxation area with designed en-suite bathroom. Available year-round.

All Deluxe Suites are individually themed and hand carved by artists commissioned from around the world and a wide range of disciplines. Each suite is unique and has never been created before. The Deluxe Suites are part of the concept Icehotel 365, available all year round inside a specially designed building run on solar power. 

Please note that the photos on this page show the room type not necessarily the actual room.

Johka means river in Sámi

The spacious relaxation in Johka holds a bathroom, two comfortable armchairs and double waterfall showers, directly connected to the bedroom.

The design is a combination of local culture and history in the building material and details. Designed by Majolein Vonk and Pia Sandgren. The heated relaxation area also provides storage for your belongings.

The suite is furnished with an exclusive bed, that provides the best comfort. The bed is covered with reindeer hides and on top of this you sleep in a thermal sleeping bag. The sleepingroom holds a temperature of -5 to -8 degrees Celsius. The suite has doors with locks for your privacy.

You can check-in and get private access to your room from 3 pm.

View of summer through window in Icehotel 365
Photo Asaf Kliger
Icehotel 365

The concept Icehotel 365 makes the sleeping-on-ice experience available to combine with fall and summer adventures as well as the classic winter excursions. The specially designed building is mainly run on solar power in the summer months. The interior holds the same standard and visual design as the winter structure. The exterior in winter has the same shape and look as the adjacent winter structure, and in summer, the arched roof is covered in grass.

Explore the art

Roam amongst the beautiful ice sculptures and discover new details in the artwork – with free entrance to Icehotel you can experience the magical setting in all rooms.



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