Guide to our different ACCOMMODATIONS

Let us guide you to your best choice of accommodation. Scroll down to see the area overview or open the map in a separate window.


1. Icehotel winter



The original Icehotel since more than 30 years. This is the hotel for you who visit us in winter and want to stay in the latest rendition of the original hotel, entirely made of snow and ice. The ice room is our standard room with ice décor. All art suites are individually hand carved in snow and ice by artists commissioned from around the world. 


2. Icehotel 365



This hotel is the perfect match for you who want to treat yourself or your special friend to something out of the ordinary any time of the year. All suites are exclusively designed and made of snow and ice - available year-round, cooled by solar energy in summer. The Deluxe Suite 365 is our most exclusive room type and holds its own private bathroom in warm room temperature, always including a shower and a toilet. 



In both Icehotel Winter and Icehotel 365 all rooms are made of snow and ice and hold a temperature of -5 to -8 degrees Celsius. Warm storage and facilities with shared bathroom, sauna and shower area is located in Riverside Lobby for all guests staying in Ice Rooms or Art Suites in both hotels. 


In Icehotel Winter there are no warm areas at all and no facilities such as toilets, bathrooms or storage. Instead of doors, all rooms in Icehotel Winter have curtains that you draw to give you and your company privacy. 

In Icehotel 365 all Deluxe Suites have their own warm bathroom and relax. Overnight guests of Art Suites share a common, heated area inside Icehotel 365 consisting of toilets and small lockable cabinets to store valuables.

All suites in Icehotel 365 have regular, lockable doors. 

3. Traditional hotel rooms & chalets


For you who easily get cold feet or simply are searching for a cosy living to nestle under the duvets in between thrilling activities at Icehotel. Choose between traditional hotel rooms or chalets. You find all hotel rooms in separate buildings with 6-8 rooms in each house, sharing the same entrance. Our chalets are placed next to each other like a holiday village.



4. LAVVU Accommodation


An accommodation for those looking for something unique. You will stay at the Icehotel area and are close to facilities, restaurants, and hotel staff. Our two lavvu tents are spacious and furnished with a harmonious feel and natural colors. The lavvu is located right next to Icehotel 365, where during the day you can experience the art exhibition of ice and snow, and in front of Lavvu the Torne River spreads out and welcomes you for a cooling dip.

We recommend

For the ultimate Icehotel experience we recommend one night in a suite made of snow and ice inside Icehotel Winter or Icehotel 365 and the rest of your stay in a chalet or a traditional hotel room. This is ideal, as it gives you time to join activities and wilderness excursions on the days when you have a warm room to return to in the evening. If possible, we recommend you book your first or last night on ice and the remaining nights in our chalets or hotel rooms.


Overview of Icehotel area