Icehotel Winter



The world’s first and largest hotel built out of snow and ice. Icehotel Winter has been reincarnated in a new rendition every winter for the last three decades, every year with brand new art to experience. During an intense period in Jukkasjärvi during November and early December every year, the empty space on the riverbank turns into a magnificent hotel made of ice and snow.


The iconic entrance to Icehotel 29 in blue and purple light
Photo Asaf Kliger
Elephant made of snow and ice at Icehotel
Design AnnaSofia Mååg | Photo Asaf Kliger

The hotel


During five months guests from all over the world experience the art in Icehotel Winter before it melts down in spring and the loan from its adjacent mother Torne river is returned. 

Besides the fifteen to twenty standard ice rooms in the winter hotel, it also houses twelve art suites uniquely designed and hand-carved, all of them created for the very first time.


Art suite


The art suites, are our individually designed and sculpted thematic suites. The artists, perhaps from Kiruna, Germany, UK or the US have been picked from over two-hundred applicants and invited to make the suite you’ll be sleeping in. Each suite is unique and has never been created before.


An art suite of sea life in ice and snow at Icehotel
Design Jonathan Green & marnie Green | Photo Asaf Kliger
An ice bed with a reindeer fur on it at Icehotel
Design Johan Larsson | Photo Asaf Kliger

Ice room 

15 – 20 ROOMS

Our standard room with ice décor and a bed made of ice. 'I wanted to create a feeling of being embraced and protected by the ice –  a good night’s sleep for all guests.'– Johan Larsson, the artist of our standard ice rooms. 


Ceremony hall


Our Ice Ceremony Hall is also located in the Winter Hotel. Together with the rest of the building, it returns to the river in spring, but love is eternal. The ephemeral nature of the hall adds to the sensation – when no architectural memento exists, the memories and the vows exchanged are especially cherished. 

This is an intimate venue, accommodating around 35-40 people, with walls and ceiling made of snow and the altar details and benches are made of pristine natural ice. It is also very suitable for those considering to renew their vows or a solemn blessing ceremony. 


Ceremony hall at Icehotel where you can get wed surrounded by ice and snow
Design Saito & Natsuki Shingo | Photo Asaf Kliger
Kaamos superior - Pillow and duvet in white
Photo Linda Johansson

We recommend

Are you up for the experience of a lifetime by sleeping on ice? Spend a night amongst pristine ice art at Icehotel. We recommend you book one night on ice and a couple in our chalets or traditional hotel rooms, starting or ending with the night on ice to get the most out of your experience. 





Step inside icehotel 30



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