Ice Room

Room Facts & Service

Double, triple or quadruple bed
Free entry to sauna in Riverside Lobby
Loan of snowsuit & boots
Non-smoking only
Storage locker for your belongings
Entrance to Icehotel
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Our standard room with ice décor and a bed made of ice. Spending a night in Icehotel is a surreal experience – a memory for life – and in the morning you are awakened with a cup of hot lingonberry juice at your bedside.

The ice room has a classic design and holds a temperature of -5 to -8 degrees Celsius. The bed you sleep on has a thick mattress that rests on a wooden base. The bed is covered with reindeer hides and you sleep in a thermal sleeping bag. Instead of doors the hotel rooms have curtains that you draw to give you and your company privacy.

In Riverside Lobby, the warm building adjacent to Icehotel, you will find communal changing rooms, toilets and saunas for women and men. Your luggage is stored in the luggage storage room prior to your overnight stay.

Entrance to Icehotel under pastel sky

Entrance to Icehotel with guided tours at set times is complimentary for all overnight guests.





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