How to get here

Torne river in summer
Photo Asaf Kliger



200 km above the Arctic Circle, in the magical light from the midnight sun and the northern lights, is where you’ll find Icehotel. And you get here easily. 

The flight from Stockholm Arlanda to Kiruna takes only 90 minutes and you can get here in 14 hours by train from Stockholm.

Kiruna Airport and Kiruna Train station are just 15-20 minutes away from Icehotel. Remote but close.

Direct Flights


Both SAS and Norwegian fly directly from Stockholm Arlanda to Kiruna Airport. The flight time is 90 minutes. The airport in Kiruna is just 15 minutes drive from Jukkasjärvi. 

Read more about traveling by plane to Swedish Lapland.



During winter 2023/2024, Eurowings will fly directly from Düsseldorf to Kiruna Airport.


Drone view of Jukkasjärvi in winter

Direct flight


In winter there are direct, Charter flights from Heathrow London that will take you to Icehotel in just 3½ hours. 

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view over Kiruna in summer
Photo Johan Ylitalo

Travel by train


Experience more of Sweden and take the train to Kiruna C. See how the landscape slowly changes outside your window and enjoy slow travel. You can also choose the night train for an extra comfortable tour.

The train with from Stockholm takes from 12 hours and up, depending on what departure time and route you choose. You can also get to Icehotel by train from Narvik (Norway) or Luleå (Sweden). 



Read about traveling by train on Swedish Lapland's website.

On Vy’s website, you can search for trips and buy tickets with all companies. You can also use the Vy app. For more information, contact their personal customer service directly.  


Go by car


Drive through Swedish Lapland and travel to Icehotel at your own pace. Follow Torne River north for the scenic route and stop at Icehotel, which is situated just on the riverbank, or find your way down from mountains and fjords to the valley around Jukkasjärvi.

You find Jukkasjärvi 17 km east of Kiruna along the road E10. Connections to E10 is through E6 in Norway, E8 in Finland and also E45 and E4 in Sweden.

The adress for Icehotel is Marknadsvägen, Jukkasjärvi, GPS coordinates 67.851066, 20.595230.

  • Kiruna – Jukkasjärvi, Icehotel: 17 km 
  • Lofoten – Jukkasjärvi, Icehotel: 500 km 
  • Abisko – Jukkasjärvi, Icehotel: 110 km 
  • Jokkmokk – Jukkasjärvi, Icehotel: 200 km


Drive safely and watch out for moose, reindeer, hares and big forest birds that roam the roads. 


Torne river under arctic light
Dogsledding from the airport in winter wonderland
Photo Asaf Kliger



Book a seat on our transfer bus or a taxi from Kiruna Airport or Kiruna railway station which will take you to Icehotel within 15 and 20 minutes. Note – we need your booking at least three days before arrival.


Dogsled transfer

During the winter (Dec-April) you can choose to begin your experience right outside the arrival hall and go dogsledding your way to the hotel. The tour takes 90 minutes.






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