The Gallery

Green Northern Lights over a forzen river
Photo Asaf Kliger


From the winter season 2022 there will be more art than usual at Icehotel when the art gallery "The Gallery" opens. Behind the venture is photographer and artist Asaf Kliger, who has been one of the official photographers for Icehotel for several years.

In "The Gallery" mainly photographic art is shown, but also sculpture and video art created by local artists from northen Sweden. The art can be purchased by scanning the QR code found next to each artwork on site or by visiting the website of the exhibition. The artwork is then sent to your whished adress.

A Northern Lights Dream

In the exhibition "A Northern Lights Dream", 12 selected artists from northern Sweden exhibit photographs, video art, songs, and sculptures entirely dedicated to the mythical Northern Lights. In this exhibition you can experience and contemplate the magic these artists encounter during freezing and dark nights when most others are fast asleep.

Northern Lights
Photo Johan Vall
Silent fireworks of Northern Lights
Photo Johan Vall

Participating artists


Anna Öhlund, Asaf Kliger, Corey Muntz
Chad Blakely, Johan Vall, John Pettersson
Lena Kriström, Linnea Lundkvist, Magnus Winbjörk
Peter Rosén, Per Lundström, Ted Logart,
Institute for Space Physics (IRF)


Emelina Lindberg

I wanted to make an exhibition about the northern lights so that more people can experience this special phenomenon that so many dream of seeing. To experience the Northern Lights is for me to get in touch with a feeling of pure joy and magic.


When the light dances in the sky, I am filled with a sense of the present and I can't stop tilting my head back and my eyes "up". It's big and it feels mighty magical, you wonder what forces are out there? We are so small!