Coolest wedding couple in the world

Artists made their own wedding chapel of ice – and then got married in it

One of the most photographed designs in ICEHOTEL #28, the snowflake-mandala, is decorating this year’s Ceremony Hall. The solemn atmosphere inside has embraced several couples on their wedding day, and will continue to do so for another month before it melts back into Torne River. Back in December, artists Edith van de Wetering and Wilfred Stijger, together with ICEHOTEL-veteran Tjåsa Gusfors designed and hand-chiseled the Main Hall and Ceremony Hall; the latter completed just a few days before Christmas. On the opening night, the designer couple Edith and Wilfred got married, surrounded by their own design.

– It was like being in your own fairytale. The best memory from that day was walking together, hand-in-hand, into the Ceremony Hall that we created together with Tjåsa, and seeing all the people, says Wilfred.

The two artists met on a sand-sculpting festival in the Netherlands when they were competing respectively. Shortly after, they started dating and have been a couple for 20 years. Both Edith and Wilfred are experienced artists and sculptors and often work together on projects. This was the seventh time at ICEHOTEL.

– Working together as a couple can be super easy since you know each other very well, but at the same time it can be really hard because of the very same reason.

Wedding bands of ice for that extra feeling

About 70 weddings are officiated at ICEHOTEL each winter season. The ephemeral setting creates memories that are extra cherished since no architectural memento exists. Edith and Wilfred chose temporary rings as well – ice-rings!

– Ice-rings are really cool (literally), and got colder after about 10 minutes. They melted slowly on our hands. We won’t buy regular wedding bands, perhaps some fun new glasses instead, tells Wilfred.

Back in their hometown Pieterburen, on the north coast of the Netherlands, the couple reflects on their wedding day.

– We recommend everyone that thinking of getting married at ICEHOTEL to do it, and make your own wedding ring out of ice – it gives that extra feeling to it!

Are you looking to get married, planning a proposal or want to renew your vows?

ICEHOTEL has an in-house wedding specialist that will help you plan and tailor the perfect day. Thanks to the permanent part of the hotel, sub-zero degrees and ever-changing ice art are available year-round.

Contact ICEHOTEL’s wedding specialist Louise Wallin; louise@icehotel.com

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