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Asaf Kliger

Summer at ICEHOTEL

The harsh winter loosens its grip of the Torne River and the seasonal winter hotel slowly makes its way back to mother nature. We greet the return of the light and from mid May till mid July we experience the Midnight Sun with twenty-four hour daylight and the intensity of the Arctic summer.

The Arctic Summer

Never ending days, lush green wilderness and wild rivers – the Arctic summer is truly remarkable. Hike the hills around Jukkasjärvi for spectacular views over Torne River and feel the vibrant energy around you. Birds are singing, the water is purling and the treetops whispers softly in the wind. Step inside the world of winter – Icehotel 365, and behold the crystal clear ice, a piece of the river frozen in time, illuminated by the golden rays from the midnight sun that shines through the cathedral-like tinted window. The Arctic summer in Jukkasjärvi is a must to experience.

The Midnight Sun

Summertime in Jukkasjärvi, 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, means 24-hour daylight. As the sun never sets, the nights are as bright as the days between mid May and mid July. The midnight sun invites you to stay up late and bathe in its golden light, perhaps between invigorating sauna sessions or a Torne River boat tour that finishes off with kokkaffe (boiled coffee in a kettle) served in a wooden cup, made over an open fire on the riverbank.


Hiking is a trending activity and suitable for everyone from kids to athletes. The forests surrounding Icehotel and the slightly hilly terrain is perfect for the inexperienced hikers that wants to enjoy fresh air, great views and stroll through Europe’s northernmost pine moors, which nestles the remnants of the Leppäkoski mine dating back to the 1600’s. Kiruna city is only a short 20-minute trip away from Icehotel and offers interesting walks up on the old mines. The mountain Luossavaara has a ski slope in the winter and a hiking trail during summer – the Midnight Sun Trail, with spectacular views over Kiruna and the mine. More challenging trails can be found within a mere hour from the vicinity of Kiruna. Sweden’s highest peak Kebnekaise 2,104 m (6,903 ft) is snow-clad year round and the Tarfala glacier can be found in the same area. They are part of the Scandinavian Mountains and form the border between Sweden and Norway in the north, where you can find more hiking trails with different difficulty levels and breathtaking landscapes like taken out of a fantasy novel.

Torne River activities

Icehotel’s mother, Torne River, is now in its fluid form and stretches all the way from the Scandinavian Mountains in the north and connects with the sea in the Bothnian Bay further south. On its way it passes Jukkasjärvi and the riverbank where the seasonal Icehotel is built every winter with transparent blocks of ice from the river in its frozen state. The open water is perfect for different water activities such as Stand Up Paddle, canoeing and river rafting. You can rent your own equipment and play in the fresh water or follow an experienced guide who will show you the ropes. Our wilderness guides are also experts on the fishing waters around Jukkasjärvi and Icehotel. Stay in a rustic, timbered cabin, enjoy a wood fired sauna and catch trout or grayling straight from the river.

Life enriching moments year-round

Icehotel 365, the year-round ice experience, the preserved winter world, makes for an intriguing contrast between seasons in the height of summer. Stay in a preciously hand carved Art Suite made out of ice and snow, or splurge on a Deluxe Suite with a perhaps even more intricate and detailed ice art that also comes with a private warm bathroom, which has a luxuriously designed relax area, shower or bathtub. Sip a drink from ice glasses in Icebar, which also is located inside Icehotel 365 and unleash your creativity in an ice sculpting class where you chisel your own art out of the frozen Torne River ice. The ephemeral nature of the material and the combination of a liquid and solid river creates a magical atmosphere – a setting for life enriching moments year-round.

Welcome to Icehotel and Jukkasjärvi!

Sleep on ice under the midnight sun or come for a day visit