Icehotel and northern lights in the top on Google

When international travellers are googling Sweden, ice hotel and northern lights are the most exciting. 11 percent more searches for Sweden as a destination was made during 2016 and it is nature related activities that has been googled the most, according to a study about online searches commissioned by Visit Sweden.

International visitors’ curiosity of Sweden as a tourism destination is growing, also counted in numbers of searches on Google. During 2016, 3,4 million google searches about Sweden as a destination were made by international travellers, which is a increase with over 300,000 searches or 11 percent compared with 2015.

Amongst specific searches for Sweden, ice hotel and northern lights have been written the most times into the search bar.

Beatrice Lind is Sales Manager at Icehotel.

Icehotel is the most googled search word, does Icehotel notice that the curiosity expanded during 2016?

– We have increased the number of visitors the past winter and the launch of ice experiences during the summer 2017 has created a very positive result. We are also noticing a steady growth in the traffic to our website and that the customers are choosing digital channels to book their stay.

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