Conference Room Luspen

Capacity & Size

The Conference Venue 6 x 4,5 m | 10 people boardroom seating

Meetings FOR UP TO 10 participants

You find the room Luspen in the Conference Venue located in a secluded area of the hotel grounds next to the restaurant. This room is ideal for boardroom meetings and conference calls. Adjacent to conference rooms Torne and Kaitum – the selection of meeting rooms can offer a variety of arrangements. 

Luspen has a warm feel, a rectangular room with large windows and decorated in bright colors. A long table is placed in the middle of the room, making it ideal for board meetings and conference calls. 


Floor Plan


floor plan conference room Luspen at Icehotel

Standard Equipment

  • WiFi
  • Projector, screen and remote
  • Portable Speakers
  • Whiteboard
  • Flip chart
  • Daylight/Black-out
  • 220 v power





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