Icehotel Certified Sustainable Arctic Destination

With the purpose of giving companies in the tourism industry the tools they need to grow and evolve in a sustainable way, Kiruna Lappland has developed a certification system called Sustainable Arctic Destination. Since 2018, Icehotel is one of the region's certified businesses.

Midnight sun over Kiruna
Photo Johan Ylitalo
a man with two kids in a long boat on Torne river
Photo Asaf Kliger

Sustainable growth in kiruna's Tourism Industry

With the future in mind, Kiruna Lappland has taken on the role to drive the matter of a more environmentally-conscious tourism forward. The goal is to find a balance together, where the tourism of Kiruna is contributing to improve the social- and financial conditions, and at the same time help to preserve the environment, the nature and the cultural treasures. To make this possible, it is key that sustainability becomes a natural- as well as a central part of the strategy of Kiruna's tourism industry.



The long-term ambition is that the majority of the companies within the local tourism industry become Sustainable Arctic Destination certified, and that Kiruna develops into a leading destination within green and sustainable tourism. Icehotel, which received its certification in 2018, is one of Kiruna's first businesses to be certified.



blue ice blocks in winter nature
Photo Asaf Kliger