Icehotel Massage

Activity facts

Duration: 60 minutes Suitable for: Everyone Age limit: 15 Group capacity: 1 person. Duo treatments on request. Gather at: Top floor in the Restaurant building
In-between exhilirating snowmobiling adventures and husky safaris, treat yourself to a massage to warm up those muscles and energize your mind and body.
Enjoy the world famous Swedish massage – also known as “classic massage”. This is a gentle form of whole-body massage that releases tensions with techniques such as: gliding strikes, kneading and pressure. This gives you a pleasant feeling of relaxation. The massage stimulates your blood circulation and lymphatic system as well as softening up your muscle tissues. Dual treatment on request – for two persons that wish to get treated at the same time. If you are interested in a duo treatment, please contact us in the Activity Desk.


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Required to bring
Come as you are.

Keep in mind

Make sure to be there 15 minutes before your appointment. There is a space with coffee and tea for you to sit down and relax while you wait.
A great tip is to plan your massage so you are able to relax a little while afterwards and recover for new strength.
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