King – Game Launch Event

A mobile phone, the screen shows the new game


The mobile gaming company, King, is about to launch a new mobile game inspired by Norse mythology, and they want to create an ice and fire adventure IRL to surprise media and youtubers.


A three-day overall experience is created, based entirely on the content of the new game. The ice is custom-designed and runs like a thread through all parts of the event. The participants are greeted by 3D-engraved, human-sized ice sculptures of the game characters. At one of the dinner parties, the whole restaurant is turned into an ice hall, needless to say: with the food served on plates made of ice.

All of the activities are tailored to match the game identically - the participants have to chop off large shards from a massive block and smash a chest of ice with a sledgehammer to access their hotel room keys.

Ice block with the inscription King Legend of Solgard
Man cooking coffee over open fire
Photo Asaf Kliger


Altogether, the digital articles and participant videos generate over 100,000 views on YouTube. King received a lot of positive PR for this innovative and unique game launch.

I’ve been doing this for nearly a decade and I have been to all sorts of crazy events and on some pretty crazy trips, but never anything quite like this…Overall it was a really fun way for King and Snowprint to introduce their game to the press in a really unique way.


Jared Nelson/

In a boat on Torne River
Photo Asaf Kliger

Here is a recap of the whole event

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