Icehotel Group appoints Luca Roncoroni as new Creative Director

Luca Roncoroni with ice sculpting tools
Luca Roncoroni. Photo Asaf Kliger

Press Release 16 January 2019 

Architect Luca Roncoroni steps in as Creative Director in Janaury 2019 for Icehotel Group, encompassing both Sweden’s world famous hotel and art exhibition made of ice and snow; as well as subsidiary Icehotel Creative Experience, engaged in ice design projects and export to other locations around the world. Roncoroni takes over the position from predecessor Arne Bergh.

Architect, Interior & Furniture Designer

As Creative Director, Luca Roncoroni will oversee the artistic concept and selection process of the ever-changing featured art in Icehotel and Icehotel 365, while providing strategic support for Icehotel Creative Experience (ICE) as the company enters a highly dynamic phase. Having recently expanded the team with a new sales manager, ICE is targeting new international markets with an extended ice product portfolio and a re-launch of the Icebar by Icehotel international franchise concept.

With double Master’s Degrees in Architecture, and Interior & Furniture Design, Luca Roncoroni first worked with Icehotel in 2001 and has been returning in various roles ever since; as an artist creating suites and external design projects, like the 265-ton iceberg catwalk for Chanel, and Icebar by Icehotel theme designs. In recent years, Roncoroni has participated in the jury selecting the winning design proposals from hundreds of applications, and managed the 35 international artists arriving to Jukkasjärvi for two weeks to craft the annual hotel suites in November every year.Roncoroni runs a self-titled studio in his resident town near Oslo, working on projects in the intersection of architecture, design and installation art with clients such as Anish Kapoor Studio, Innovation Norway and University of Bergen. Originally from the Italian Alps, he is grown up with nature and snow close by, but it was in Norway that he was first introduced to it as an art material and the year after he contacted Icehotel.

On his new role as Creative Director, he says:

Yngve (Bergqvist), Åke (Larsson) and Arne (Bergh) had a crazy vision 30 years ago, which resulted in Icehotel. They created a team and a spirit to test the limits of what is possible to do with snow and ice, and that innovation hasn’t stopped since. Arne has been a driving force in this, and while it won´t be easy to fill Arne’s shoes, I think I can bring something useful to the table. I’m looking forward to developing the internal communications and processes so we can create an even better ground for creativity to unfold and cultivate new projects both in Jukkasjärvi and elsewhere.

Arne Bergh will continue to be engaged with Icehotel Group as a Senior Advisor on specific projects, and as a shareholder he retains a position on the board.


About Icehotel Group  

Icehotel Group encompasses both Icehotel the hotel property, adventure and culinary experiences based in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, and subsidiary Icehotel Creative Experience (ICE) engaged in ice design projects and export to other locations around the world including  the Icebar by Icehotel franchise concept and other ice products.



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