Premiere for new Experience Room in snow and ice at Icehotel


Illustrations of new experience room at Icehotel

Photo Rebecca Lundh


July first is the official opening of the “Experience Room”, in the year-round section of Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. Just like all of the art suites and other areas of the hotel, the Experience Room is made entirely of ice and snow and is open to visitors both summer and winter. So, borrow an Icehotel cape and step into the cold!

In the Experience Room, visitors follow Icehotel's history through works created by artists Marjolein Vonk (the Netherlands) and Maurizio Perron (Italy), both long-time collaborators with Icehotel. Among other things, guests will be guided through Icehotel's 30-year history along a time line, view selected pieces of art that have been preserved from previous years and get to know Icehotel's founder, Yngve Bergqvist, who appears in a personal film portrait. All in sub-zero temperatures and all in snow and ice.

"Icehotel's exciting history started with one man's vision 30 years ago. We wish to share it in a new way whereby the guests, themselves, can decide the pace at which they take in the experience and enjoy a journey through time in ice and snow," says Luca Roncoroni, Creative Director at Icehotel.

Summer open from July first

Icehotel, which first opened for year-round visits in 2016, is normally open to day visitors and hotel guests as both an art exhibit and a hotel throughout the year; however, due to the covid-19 crisis, the hotel management has decided to remain closed between mid-April and June 30th 2020.

From July first Icehotel's visitors can tour the “Experience Room” and 18 other art suites in ice and snow, and enjoy a well-chilled cocktail in Icebar By Icehotel Jukkasjärvi. A visit can be combined with outdoor activities including hiking, cycling and paddling in the beautiful surroundings. For those who wish to paddle on the Torne River or go biking, Stand Up Paddle boards and bicycles are available for rental. Icehotel guides will be pleased to provide maps and suggestions.

– We really look forward to opening the “Experience Room” and hope that many area residents will take the opportunity to visit Icehotel this summer, when vacationing a bit closer to home will be more common," says Malin Franck, CEO at Icehotel.

1,300 tonnes of ice become art

Recently, 1,300 tonnes of ice were harvested from the Torne River, which flows past Icehotel. Some of this ice is being used to create the Experience Room, but most of it will be stored for use next winter. Then, artists will return once again to Jukkasjärvi to create world-class ice art for the thirty-first consecutive Icehotel. In late May a press release will be issued, presenting the coming season's artists and their concepts.



Welcome to experience Icehotel premiers on July 1st, when Icehotel also opens for the summer.




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