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Activities at Icehotel

Risks, dangers, and hazards such as loss of property or injuries are inherent to the very nature of wilderness activities. While Icehotel and our certified sub-contractors put the quality, comfort, and safety of our guests first, all participation in wilderness activities such as snowmobiling or dog sledding is at its own risk.

Book in advance

We recommend that you book your activities at least three weeks prior to your stay, to ensure that there is space for you on the excursions that you are interested in.

Our standards and practice

The tours always include top-quality equipment and our guides are trained in wilderness safety and touring in Arctic climate year-round. Your tour begins with an introduction and safety demonstration by the guide. All outdoor activities are weather dependent and may be canceled or replaced by more suitable alternatives should the conditions not permit to run the tour as planned. The snow depth at the beginning and end of the season determines start and finish dates for activities.

All tours start and finish at Icehotel Meeting Point, Jukkasjärvi if nothing else is stated in the activity. Please note that there must be a minimum of two adults booked per tour, as it otherwise will be canceled. Please note that other guests can be booked on the same tour.


Some of our activities have an age limit, please see the respective activity's age limit on the activity's information page. Each party must have at least one person over the age of 18 to participate in the activity.


Safety is always of highest priority to us at Icehotel. We therefore reserve us the right to deny anyone with a severe medical condition or physical limitations to join our activities, if we feel that it is a risk of safety. If you have any medical conditions or other concerns regarding your physical ability and want to join any of our activities, please advise our booking department before booking, you reach us at [email protected]. For some of our activities we have zero tolerance for consuming alcohol before or during the activity, this includes Challenge Park, River Rafting and driving snowmobiles. Our guides have the right to deny anyone who act drunk or influenced by something else even on other activities if the guide feel that it is a risk of safety or a risk of disruptive behavior to other guests. 


Your clothing is the most important part in order to be able to enjoy your activity to the fullest. We strongly advise you not to underestimate the cold in the Arctic during the winter months and to carefully follow our recommendations regarding clothing and equipment. Our guides have the right to deny anyone dressed wrongly or too cold to join the tour.

Even though it is summer/early autumn it might be nice to dress warm underneath, preferably in thermal clothing and a warm hat. The weather in the Arctic can change drastically and suddenly. It can there for be nice to dress accordingly to the layer-on-layer principle, or to bring a bag with a change of clothes. Our guides have the right to deny anyone dressed wrongly or not according to the weather, to join the tour.


The northern lights are a nature phenomenon and occur on nature’s terms. The weather conditions in the north can change drastically and suddenly, therefore there are no guarantees that you will see the northern lights during the tour. We don’t refund or change any tours due to undesirable weather conditions or if the northern lights don’t show up during the tour.


Never shower, wash your face or put on water-based creams or make-up before going out on an excursion as this means you remove the skin’s natural protective layer of oil and you are more exposed to the cold. We also recommend you calculate for some “warm time” between activities, for you to go inside for a couple of hours, change clothing if necessary and reheat.