Challenge Park

Activity facts

Duration: 2,5-3 hours Suitable for: Everyone with a height of at least 140 cm Restrictions: Maximum weight of 100 kg, we do not recommend pregnant women, people who are scared of heights or easily gets dizzy to perform this activity Age limit: 10 Included: Helmet, harness & lingonberry juice Gather at: At Challenge Park, about 25 km from Icehotel. Transfer is not included, contact us if you need help to book one.
Challenge yourself in the Lapland jungle.
Rise to the challenge in the high-ropes course and experience the treetops from an elevated perspective. Challenge Park is a high-ropes course that features 6 different obstacles from rope bridges and climb-poles to a zipline that reaches heights up to 16 meters above the ground.

The activity starts with a safety-talk and you get a helmet and a harness that the instructor secures on a rope that goes through the entire course, keeping you safe throughout the challenge. You challenge only yourself and each participant gets to do the course at their own pace, with plenty of room between everyone. You walk between trees on ropes and logs and slowly make your way higher and higher above the forest floor. The course ends on a platform 16 meters above ground from where you take the zipline down on the ground again.

This summer we take bookings on request. You need to be at least 6 people in your party. Contact us for information and enquiries at [email protected] or call us at +4698066899.

For all our tours that include food we need to know your diet restrictions or food allergies. Please fill in this information in the booking flow.

Please note that you as a guest are personally responsible to wear clothes accordingly to weather. Read more important information down below.

Practical information about our tours


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Your clothing is the most important part in order to be able to enjoy your activity to the fullest. We strongly advise you to dress accordingly to weather since a big part, if not all of the activity is held in an outdoor setting. Our guides have the right to deny anyone dressed wrongly.

Helmet and safety harness.

Required to bring
Even though it is summer / early autumn it might be nice to dress warm underneath, preferably in thermal clothing and a warm hat. We recommend you to bring thin mittens.

The weather in the Arctic can change drastically and suddenly. It can there for be nice to dress accordingly to the layer-on-layer principle, or to bring a bag with a change of clothes. It can also be nice to bring a camera for chances to take great photos during the tour.

Keep in mind

You need to be minimum two persons for the tour to run. Please note that other guests can be booked on the same tour.

Safety is always of highest priority to us at Icehotel. We therefore reserve us the right to deny anyone with a severe medical condition or physical limitations to join our activities, if we feel that it is a risk of safety. We have zero tolerance for consuming alcohol before or during the activity. If you have any medical conditions or other concerns regarding your physical ability and want to join any of our activities, please advise our booking department before booking, you reach them at [email protected].
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