WaterAid – Clean water changes the world

Icehotel is surrounded by crystal clear, clean water, something which many people around the globe – with devastating consequences – don’t have access to.

Torne river in summer haze
Photo Asaf Kliger
Yngve Bergqvist by Torne river in summer
Photo Asaf Kliger

We support waterAid in global water projects

WaterAid is a non-profit organisation working with the world’s poorest communities by setting up sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene projects as well educating people and influencing governments to change laws.

Thanks to the work of WaterAid together with donations from people, organisations and businesses such as Icehotel, over 25,8 million people have been provided with clean water and better sanitary conditions since 1981.

The things we take for granted and enjoy in abundance, is such an unimaginable luxury to so many people. Just around the corner from Icehotel, you can drink clean, fresh water straight from the river. It humbles you, making you aware of what a gift it really is. The work of WaterAid is so incredibly important. It improves the lives of so many people, creating sustainable and life-changing footprints for future generations to come.



Malin Franck CEO outside Icehotel
Photo Rebecca Lundh