Moose safari on horseback

Activity facts

Duration: 6 hours Suitable for: Everyone, no previous knowledge is needed Restrictions: Maximum weight is 90 kg, the activity is not suitable for allergists Age limit: 12 Included: Your own horse, three-course lunch, coffee/tea & riding cap Gather at: Meeting Point
Join us on a moose safari in the forests around Kiruna, Sweden. Here you often spot wildlife; like moose, reindeer, birds, hare, and fox – an unbeatable experience. Enhance that experience and see the winter wonderland in broad daylight from the horseback.
You are picked up at Icehotel by bus and taken to Ofelaš Icelandic horse farm where you get to meet the animals and prepare your own horse. You get to groom, saddle, and brindle your horse for the evening, it will be a cozy moment in the stable where you and your horse get to know each other. When the horse is ready, it's time to ride. You ride the Icelandic horses through the moose’s grazing land with an amazing view over Sweden’s highest mountain range Kebnekaise.

The king of the forest, the moose, is often seen in this area getting their food during winter, and you have a chance to come really close. This nature adventure has everything – beautiful views, wild animals, and strong horses.

After the ride, you help unsaddle the horses and you are served a traditional lunch. The tour ends with a transfer back to Icehotel.

Booking Information
For all our tours that include food we need to know your diet restrictions or food allergies. Please fill in this information in the booking flow.

At the activity day, we gather at Meeting point 15 minutes before start time, equipped and ready. Please note that you as a guest are personally responsible to visit Riverside Lobby well ahead to get equipped. Read more important information down below.

Practical information about our tours

ICEHOTEL only work with companies with ethical treatment of animals.


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Your clothing is the most important part in order to be able to enjoy your activity to the fullest. We strongly advise you not to underestimate the cold in the Arctic during the winter months and to carefully follow our recommendations regarding clothing and equipment. Our guides have the right to deny anyone dressed wrongly or too cold to join the tour.

It is mandatory to wear warm clothes that are adapt to arctic weather. Loan of warm winter overall, helmet, warm shoes, gloves, and balaclava is included for you as a guest to this tour. Visit Riverside Lobby well in advance to get equipped.

Required to bring
Dress warm underneath, preferably in thermal clothing, a warm middle layer, and hat.

Bring a camera for chances to take great photos during the tour.

Keep in mind

You will be riding your own horse, chosen according to your previous riding experience. The guide will give you an introduction before heading out into the magnificent nature close to 'Kebnekaise', Sweden's highest mountain range.

We have Arctic weather which means that we during winter have extreme temperatures and short daylight hours. In winter, temperatures in Jukkasjärvi can drop down to as low as -40 C (-40 F).

Safety is always of highest priority to us at Icehotel. We therefore reserve us the right to deny anyone with a severe medical condition or physical limitations to join our activities, if we feel that it is a risk of safety. If you have any medical conditions or other concerns regarding your physical ability and want to join any of our activities, please advise our booking department before booking, you reach them at [email protected].
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