New Year's Eve celebration in Sweden

new years celebration with lights from lanterns rising towards the sky outside Icehotel
Photo Asaf Kliger

New Year’s Eve the Icehotel way


Leave the heels at home – the dress code for New Years at Icehotel is snow suit and moon boots. The evening starts with a specially composed New Year’s dinner at Icehotel Restaurant and then continues in Icebar by Icehotel. At the strike of midnight we make a toast for the year to come and send up (environmentally friendly) lanterns to the dark sky, at the Square in front of Icehotel 365. 




Yeasted cauliflower, dehydrated grapes, capers and flavours of mint



Sous vide cooked lobster, roasted heritage carrots, sweetcorn and buttermilk pure



Loin of reindeer, chared leek and shallot, caramelized onion cream , onion gohst and blackberry



Rubus Arcticus Åkerbär sorbet, textures of Åkerbär, chocolate delice and spruce custard



pink dessert served in ice plate
Asaf Kliger