Outdoor Adventure & Activities within the Arctic Circle, Sweden

Memories for life

From husky rides to hiking trails. From four seasons to eight. People who live in the Arctic Circle love being active and spending time outdoors is part of everyday life. The activities adapt to weather and each season has its’ own high-lights – the only two facts you can depend on no matter the season is that whenever we have a day off we pack snacks, firewood and head out together with friends or family. It’s not about a quick fix. Let the fire take its time. Don’t worry if the fish doesn’t bite on your first ten casts. On the eleventh, it might – or not, but that’s fine too. Come explore what outdoor experiences await you in the Arctic Circle.

Couple having coffee and Swedish fika at the frozen lake during a skiing trip.

Fun facts


  • There are an estimated 1100 dogs (and 900 residents) living in Jukkasjärvi
  • Kiruna has an average of 1 resident per square kilometers
  • Kiruna has over 6 000 lakes and Sweden’s highest peak
  • some locals you usually bump into include moose, reindeer, ptarmigan. If you are really lucky you may catch bear, wolverine, and lynx
  • Kiruna has 1500 km of maintained snowmobile tracks
  • Kiruna Airport is one of the few in the world where you can catch a husky sled taxi to your hotel
  • Sweden’s Right of Access means you are free to roam, camp and pick wild berries anywhere you like (pretty much)
Dogsledding in snowy weather

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