Easter Package

Take the opportunity to experience the spring-winter season at Icehotel, with a snowmobile tour, ice fishing and our popular ice menu! Only 90 minutes from Stockholm/Arlanda.

In Jukkasjärvi the spring season stretches all the way into May. The days are sunny with mild temperatures between -10 and 10 degrees Celsius. This makes easter the perfect time to visit Icehotel, and experience what many think is the best time of the year here!

With our easter package, you and your family will have a fun adventure in the snow and get the opportunity to create memories to last a lifetime!


- One night in one of our ice rooms, where you get to experience sleeping in minus degrees!
- 1-2 nights in one of our cozy and warm cabins or hotel rooms.
- Breakfast buffet with local produce.
- Our popular Ice menu, for dinner in Icehotel Restaurant.
- Ice fishing adventure on snowmobile.
- Entrance to Icehotel.


A wilderness adventure suitable for the whole family. During the tour you will share a snowmobile and take turns in driving through the snow-covered winter landscape. After about an hour on the snowmobiles you will stop at Camp Luspen, located right next to the Torne River. Here you will get to try ice fishing and enjoy a tasty lunch by the campfire. Perhaps you can even have time to grill the fish you catch! Note! To drive a snowmobile you need to be 18 years old and have a car drivers’ licence. Children can either ride sitting behind their parent on the snowmobile (min 120 cm), or in a sled that gets pulled behind the snowmobile.


Experience our popular ice menu in the warm and pleasant environment of Icehotel Restaurant. Here you get to enjoy a menu inspired by Norrland, where some selected dishes are served on plates made of ice from the Torne River.


Entry to the Icehotel is included in this package. A hotel but also an art exhibition where you get to experience the art works in our unique suites, stop by Icebar for a drink “in the rocks” and visit our Experience Room that tells you the 30-year long story of Icehotel!

Please contact [email protected] or call +46 980 668 00 to make your reservation if you have children under the age of 12.