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Icehotel Creative Experience – a part of Icehotel

Icehotel Creative Experience, ICE, was born out of the desire for more people to take part in the narrative power of ice as well as its infinite possibilities as a material. For three decades we have used our experience and the beautiful natural ice from Torne River to help other brands tell their story.

baby touching the ice art in an ice bar
Photo Paulina Holmgren
Happy co worker carrying an ice chandelier outside Icehotel
Photo Asaf Kliger


Over the years we have arranged ice settings for events in locations all over the world, from Kiruna to Cape Town. We've built playgrounds, exclusive runways, performed with live ice sculpting, had ice events in the desert, created ice art for decoration at international launches, prepared ice for serving food & drinks and much more. 

And most of all we have launched ice bars all over the world – both permanent and pop-up bars serving drinks in the rocks of Torne River ice. 


Icebar by Icehotel

The concept originated in Sweden at Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi and has developed into an international Franchise brand far beyond Jukkasjärvi.

Icebar by Icehotel is a complete ice experience that arouses all of the senses. All interiors – walls, bar, furniture, art and drinking glasses – are made of natural ice that is harvested from Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. These interiors and their contents are kept at sub-zero temperatures to prevent them from melting. To give the guests new experiences, the bar is given a fresh new design once each year. Leading, internationally renowned artists create each new design.



bartender girl serving ice drinks in icebar
Design Karl-Johan Ekeroth & Christian Strömqvist | Photo Asaf Kliger
sculpture of ice gorilla inside an ice bar
Design Jens Thoms Ivarsson | Photo Peter Kindersley

Are you interested in opening the next ice bar with us?

We are always open for new collaborations. We have had ice bars in major cities throughout the years. 

Jukkasjärvi | Stockholm | Copenhagen | London | Shanghai | Tokyo | Istanbul | Milano | Qingdao | Oslo 

Where will you open yours? 


For brands with a story to tell


a blue saab frozen inside an ice block


Chanel runway with iceberg in Grand Palais Paris 2010
Photo Jan Jordan

The iceberg runway – Chanel

2010, Paris France

For its 2010 Autumn/Winter show, Chanel is planning an Arctic environment with a monumental iceberg towering over the audience at the Grand Palais in Paris. They need a partner who can deliver high technical knowledge, project management and large amounts of snow and ice - in the middle of summer.

OCR Obstacle Course Race – Toughest Ice

2015, Jukkasjärvi Sweden

OCR organizer Toughest wants to profile itself with unique and creative competition concepts to attract participants, sponsors and media interest to their events.


man running over ice block
Photo Toughest

King - game launch event

2018, Jukkasjärvi Sweden

The mobile gaming company, King, is about to launch a new mobile game inspired by Norse mythology, and they want to create an ice and fire adventure IRL to surprise media and youtubers.


A solar-powered run ice pavilion, in collaboration with Volvo

2016, Paris France

In partnership with the UEFA European Football Championships 2016, Paris invites all participating countries to exhibit at "Place de l'Europe”. The collaborative project By Sweden* intend to create a specially designed tribute to Sweden and Volvo.

ice exhibition with Volvo cars images in the ice in a pavillion run on solar panels
Photo Anthony Micallef
Ice decoration at Royal Nobel banquet in Stockholm

The Royal Nobel Banquet

2018, Stockholm Sweden

For the Nobel prize banquet, the organizer wants to pay tribute to the Arctic environment and create a consistent theme for the whole event.



BMW commercial shoot

2012, Cape Town South Africa

BMW wants to demonstrate the versatility of their new car by displaying it in several different types of landscapes and environments such as the desert, the jungle and Icehotel.

a spacious ice hall built of ice and snow with pillars of ice

Live Art

live ice sculpting outdoors at sunny summers day

Live Ice Sculpting on Tour in europe

2014, Barcelona | Paris | London | Warsaw | Hamburg

The city of Umeå are going on a year-long European Tour after being appointed the European Capital of Culture, and the goal is to rouse curiosity of Sweden and the northern space. The city of Umeå needs an attractive environment but also wants to fill the event with exciting interactive content for the participants to take part of.


iconic magazine cover with Kate Moss face sorrounded by ice art
Photo Herb Ritts

Photo shoot Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell for Absolut Vodka + Versace collaboration

1997, Jukkasjärvi Sweden

In the 1980s and 1990s, Absolut Vodka develops a concept based on collaborations with acclaimed, international fashion houses and artists. When it is time for the Versace collaboration, something spectacular needs to be created.


Ice blocks with logo inscriptions
Photo Asaf Kliger

Are you looking for something to take your event to a new level?

We have a broad product range, ready to be packaged and delivered to you. You can make our creations your own, by adding your logotype or a special message. 

We’re the only company that stocks large blocks of natural ice. So you can order them whatever the season.

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