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Ice block with inscription Pure Torne River Ice at IcehotelPaulina Holmgren

Ice events

Over the years we have arranged ice settings for events in locations all over the world, from Kiruna to Cape Town. We’ve built playgrounds, an exclusive catwalk, live ice sculpting, ice events in the desert, ice for decoration at international launches, for serving food & drinks and much more.

We’ve been trusted with a number of client commissions, where we created various types of installations and products using our fantastic ice. This eventually evolved into ICEHOTEL Creative Experience, a product concept that enables the creativity and the ice from the Torne River to be experienced in other forms and places.

ICEHOTEL Creative Experience can supply products customized specifically for your event, as well as products from our existing range – a sort of ice à la carte. Almost anything you can imagine in the world of ice, we can turn into reality – whether it’s  stunning art installations, opulent interiors or icy drinking glasses. When we started more than 25 years ago, everyone thought we were crazy. But we didn’t let that bother us. Only imagination sets the limit.

We just love ice events!