ICEHOTEL builds city playground of snow

Snow and ice bring out the playfulness in children and adults alike – and an ideal building material is more suitable for a playground located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. ICEHOTEL was commissioned by local authorities in Kiruna to build a winter playground in the city center, together with designers of PinPin Studio and pupils of Hjalmar Lundbohmsskolan.

The playground will be officially opened during Kiruna Snow Festival on 27 January 2016, and remain until it melts away in April or May. Featuring slides and labyrinths created from large ice blocks from the nearby Torne River, it’s a playground for children of all ages.
– It’s fantastic to work on a local project for children, which at the same time is easthetically beautiful and a chance for use to share the knowledge of working with snow and ice that we’ve gathered over the 26 seasons we’ve built the hotel, says Petra Wadlund Lindh of ICEHOTEL.

Ready for play for young & adults
Before the actual work starts, ICEHOTEL hosts a workshop for project staff and students to learn more about the practical aspects of working with ice.
– How do you create structures that lasts as long as possible? How do you attach two ice objects to one another and what are the possibilities to create in snow? In our part of the world, we have plenty of snow and ice, and it’s a great opportunity for more people to learn the craft, says Christian Wallgren of local government agency Tekniska Verken.

Christian Strömqvist and Karl-Johan Ekeroth, designers and founders of PinPin Studio completed their masters in “Child Culture Design”, Sweden’s only design degree focused on children, play and youth culture. They have been commissioned by ICEHOTEL to develop the design.
– Our aim is to build a winter setting that invites to play, while at the same time being aesthetically appealing – becoming a natural meeting place for both children and adults, says Christian and Karl-Johan.

The project has been planned since November 2015 and construction begins on 23 January 2016.

It never gets colder than -5 to -8 C

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