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Sweden has a lot to offer, but the magical summer in the Arctic is truly special and is one of the best places you can visit during the summer in Sweden. The Torne river invites you to go on fishing adventures; there is also camping where you can cook food over an open fire there is the midnight sun, rafting, ice sculpting, treetop adventures and other fantastic experiences in nature.

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Best things to do in Sweden in summer

Summer activities at Icehotel offer both fast-paced adventures in the magical natural environment or calmer activities. Experience the famous midnight sun as the sun stays above the horizon during the summer. At Icehotel, you and your family or friends will create memories of an incredible vacation that warms well into autumn. Keep in mind that the summer in the Arctic can offer both cooler weather and high summer temperatures, so expect anything from + 8 ° C to + 28 ° C and dress for the weather. All summer activities begin and end at the Icehotel, and you book from May to November. Rafting, sauna ritual and Challenge park are booked upon request.

Summer activities for everyone

Put on your wetsuit, helmet and life jacket and take a seat in the boat. Rafting is a challenging summer activity that began as early as the 1970s. In addition to lunch over an open fire, you get to take part in the rich history of the Torne River. This is a fast-paced activity with nature as a playground, an activity for friends and family with older children; the lower age limit is 12 years.

During the summer you also have the chance to experience the magical midnight sun. Many of our activities include food over an open fire, the fantastic food is inspired by the seasonal flavors, local produce and is enjoyed outdoors in nature; a dining experience that is unique in Sweden. Another fun summer activity is to get your heart rate up in the treetop adventure. Get some new perspectives among the treetops while challenging yourself in the northern jungle.

Are you interested in fishing? Explore Torne River and let yourself be guided to the best fishing spots. If you are lucky, the freshly caught fish is grilled for lunch, and enjoyed together with other wild delicacies. We can promise you will not walk away hungry. If you dream of fishing for grayling, you have every possibility of making this a reality, with a catch at our camp Luspen and Puonojokki, where you can enjoy fantastic food and a relaxing sauna after a long day of fishing.

Icehotel is not just a destination during the winter. In the year-round open facilities, you will find, among other things, ice suites, an ice gallery, and an ice bar. After a tour of the ice gallery, you may want to have a go at learning how to sculpt in ice. Try out for yourself in the Icebar. A creative activity where we teach you the craft, and give you all the tools you need, and then you can create magic with your very own ice block. Experience some of the best things to do in Sweden during the summertime, and we can guarantee you memories for life.

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Summer activities at Icehotel



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All tours start and end at Icehotel. If the activity is located elsewhere, you will always be picked up and left of at Icehotel 'Meeting Point' unless something else is stated, a service included in your tour. We provide all guests participating in our activities with warm outdoor cloathing, during the period of sub-zero degrees in Jukkasjärvi. Read more about your specific tour in the section ’Equipment’. 


If you wish to have a private activity for your party please contact us at [email protected]