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Create memories for life with the various winter activities we offer at Icehotel in Kiruna during winter. With Torne River as a stage, you can explore nature from the snowmobile, horseback, or in a dog sled. If you are lucky, you may get to experience the northern lights and you can also take a course in how to photograph both the northern lights and all the wild Arctic animals that you may encounter in the untouched natural environment. If you want to challenge your creative side...

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try the craft of ice sculpting. And if you want to fish on the Torne River, you will find winter ice fishing under the meter-thick ice. With a small fishing rod and the right twists, you catch the day's lunch, which is cooked over an open fire. Relax in the sauna in the evening and treat yourself to a nice full body massage.

Winter activities in Sweden

The Arctic winter is something out of the ordinary. Therefore, it is important to think once more when it comes to clothes. The winter in Jukkasjärvi can have very cold temperatures, so dress warmly. Icehotel however, does offer all guests who participate in our outdoor activities the opportunity to borrow warm outerwear that is adapted to the Arctic climate. All activities begin and end at the Icehotel, and you can book winter activities from November to April. We have winter activities that suit both couples, family, and friends. So, tick off your bucket list now and create fun snowy memories that warm your soul.

Experience the amazing winter in Sweden

Icehotel is the obvious winter destination if you are near Jukkasjärvi in Sweden. But there is so much more to do here. For those of you who dream of adventure or just want to relax in the soothing natural environment, there is something for everyone. During the winter, but mainly in the autumn, it is the best place to see the northern lights. This magical spectacle of mostly green lights that dance in the sky is something incredibly special. If you want to see the northern lights, you have every chance of doing so at Icehotel.

Among our activities during the winter, you will find activities where the northern lights are in focus. How about an aurora borealis dinner? A photography course in how to photograph the aurora borealis? An aurora borealis ride on horseback? Or an aurora borealis safari on a snowmobile? Did you know that Jukkasjärvi is one of the best places to see the northern lights in the whole world? Imagine being able to experience the northern lights in Sweden, a natural phenomenon that is unlike anything else.


For a fast-paced holiday activity, we want to recommend dog sleds. We have many different dog sledding trips for the ultimate adventure; you can try for yourself what it is like to be a dog sled driver or ride shorter trips with a driver. We can even pick you up at the airport with a dog sled.

Animals and nature are a big part of Icehotel, which is reflected in our winter offers. You can pet reindeer or take a horseback ride where you have the chance to meet a moose or capture the beautiful natural snowscape and the Arctic animals with the help of a photo guide. With a snowmobile, you get out into the wilderness and get to drive both on ice-covered lakes and the snow-covered nature. If you've come inside from the stunningly beautiful snow, what better way to warm up, than in a soothing Swedish sauna where you'll feel rejuvenated.


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All tours start and end at Icehotel. If the activity is located elsewhere, you will always be picked up and left of at Icehotel 'Meeting Point' unless something else is stated, a service included in your tour. We provide all guests participating in our activities with warm outdoor cloathing, during the period of sub-zero degrees in Jukkasjärvi. If you wish to have a private activity for your party please contact us at [email protected]